officer kills 4 month old pit bull

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shy girl
Barked: Tue May 21, '13 5:54am PST 
So sad when this happens......what makes it more sad is the fact that it could have been avoided had the poor little pup been contained...it seems like these things are happening more and more EVERY single day!!! There is always something in the news or the newspaper, or online about dogs getting shot by police....whether it is on the dogs own property or whatever the case may be......8 times to me seems like a trigger happy jerk!! And just a pup to!
So sad. There are some laws going on in some states now that are forcing police to go through dog training, like teaching them how to deal with dogs be it rabid or simply in ones backyard when they are going after a suspect. I hope that law soon goes throughout the world and hopefully at least some of this can be avoided.

It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Tue May 21, '13 6:53am PST 
On a more positive note, there was a story a couple months back-think it was Detroit-there was a 911 call reporting a vicious pit bull. When the officers got there a crowd was throwing bottles and stuff at this poor boy. The dog was trying to run away from them, not attack anybody. One officer rescued the dog from the situation and ultimately adopted him.

Like any profession, there are cops who deserve sainthood and others who should be nowhere near a gun.

Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Tue May 21, '13 7:18am PST 
I thought the same Addy. Why would neighbours back the dog owner's version of events over that of a cop if it wasn't the truth?


Barked: Tue May 21, '13 7:28am PST 
Yes Addy I also have a toy poodle. I've always had a strong respect for police officers even before I married my husband. One of the reason why I was an MP in the Army. I was raised to respect them and when I've dealt with them I always treated them that way and they always treated me the same. There are always going to be bad apples but it's like that with any job. You act like they spent years in training to react in a stressful situation and that's not the case. Usually the police academy is 3-6 months long depending on where you go. They are human and will make mistakes just like anyone else. No one is perfect. Like any job, on the job experience/ training is what's going to factor in more. Like I said in the other posts, you most likely wont get the truth even if you have witnesses. When people heard the shots they were most likely looking at the shooter and dog. How do you know the dad didn't tell the kid to peddle away quickly before he drew his weapon and shot? Same thing happened when there was a shooting a few years back. A dog attacked another dog and police threw the aggressor down the steps and then shot the dog. Several witnesses and the owner say the dog stopped and it was over and the cop had no reason to shoot it. Others claimed the same thing the police officer did, the dog was charging back up the steps towards him so he had no choice but to shoot it. All I'm saying is that all we ever see on here is police shoots dog and you never see any of the good they do and I wont judge the guy because I wan't there physically myself to see what had actually happened, but there is no disputing the fact that the dog wasn't under the owner's control and as much as I love pit bulls it's people like this that cause problems for this breed because they don't maintain control.

shy girl
Barked: Tue May 21, '13 8:31am PST 
Yes they are only humans that make mistakes, but the difference is they are humans making mistakes with guns......which makes the mistakes fatal!
None of us were there, we can all agree, however as far as the reporting goes and the witnesses who spoke up, it seems the officer was in the wrong. They are investigating, so I would imagine they will question the 5 yr old as to whether or not he was there and things like that, so go from there I suppose...
either way though, 8 times?

Also wanted to mention, yes Sarge there are a lot of stories about police shooting dogs etc...that's because it happens more then it needs to, but there are also plenty of stories out there of GOOD cops rescuing animals, stray dogs.....cops going onto freeway to rescue dog......climbing down 100ft walls on a rope to rescue dogs....cats....etc, there are good stories as well.
Charlie- Chaplin

A day without- laughter is a- day wasted
Barked: Tue May 21, '13 8:40am PST 
Didn't read the last two posts but as a Chicago denizen there are loads of different neighborhoods and depending on the neighborhood some of the residents are unlikely to side with a cop regardless. So that's really nothing to go off.

I've always seen the cops here being pretty good about dogs and choosing pepper spray over lethal weapons, of course pepper spray can't really do anything from long range. What I do think is crazy is the eight shots; he wasn't trying to kill a rhino and that seems very excessive. Especially because we've been having a lot of innocent people being killed by stray bullets these days; that in my mind was unacceptable on the cop's part.

And to be honest, there are a lot of pitties that have major aggression problems in this city (not saying other dogs don't). I have worked in several kennels and at petsmart. Maybe it's because they're going to people that don't know the correct way to handle a dog that is known to have DA and SA (I see it with other breeds with DA and SA too) or maybe it's because all of the gangs are breeding them so horribley that the human loving pit has been lost. These guys then sell the puppies they don't want to other people.

There was a 5 month old pitbull staying in our kennel, he was so aggressive we had to use a catch poll to get him from his kennel to an exercise pen for him to pee and whatever else. The puppy took a big chunk out of my co-worker's hand. Just a cute little puppy right?

I'm all for pitbulls but I will not blindly say they're great for every family and every person which is what a lot of our pitbull rescues are saying, they're being advertised as easy dogs, gentle as lambs, etc. This goes for any dog though and I know just as many labs and goldens that bite people and are aggressive.

And for your sake Sarge, I actually am one of those people that write thank you notes to cops, firefighters, and EMTs. (the fire department gets fresh baked cupcakes too).

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Barked: Thu May 23, '13 6:18pm PST 
This story was on the dogster home page today!

Can't get any- cuter
Barked: Fri May 24, '13 1:09pm PST 
That cop is a complete moron. I'm asking myself how he even got his badge! Shooting a puppy 8 times and claiming that you are protecting your son? That cop should lose his badge. The idiots claiming this is justified are out of their minds. A 4 month old pit puppy is the size of a chihuahua. If the cop was so afraid he could have kicked the puppy away!

I read the full story. The cop claims he needed to defend his son. Neighbors claim that his son was a block away. The puppy escaped the yard because the 5 year old daughter accidentally left the door open when she went to throw away garbage. The cop shot the puppy right in front of the 5 year old owner. Shooting 8 times can never be justified.

It's the same as claiming I was defending myself from a chihuahua charging at me, therefore I needed to shoot it 8 times to be safe. He could have scooped the dog up or kicked it away. He didn't even needed to shoot it. This is the perfect example of breed discrimination.
Tiller- (Skansen's- Ira in the M

I DO Exist...To- Drive You Batty
Barked: Tue May 28, '13 2:27pm PST 
This was NOT the owner's fault!!! I saw that on the first page. Yuck.

I am the first to say things like that.....you need to supervise your pet. You don't HAVE to, but when you don't it's a little like letting kitty outside....a host more potential dangers can occur. I personally don't go there and advise others not to.

But in this case, the family was right THERE. Accidents happen, gates get left ajar. This was just a moment in time that was turned into a tragic disaster by some Pit phobic cop.

The article quoted his wife, and I am so disgusted. You are talking about CHILDREN who not only just watched their pet gunned down, but were in the immediate vicinity when the officer opened fire. That is UNCONSCIONABLE. This was sad enough, but how much worse could it have been? She feels ok because this was a loose Pit Bull, vs her husband opening fire on a neighborhood street? Like FOR REAL? Just EW!

That officer needs to be taken off street duty. This was horrible, horrible judgment that resulted in a pointless tragedy. Just a happy little family pup. Chicago has a bad problem with gangs and the fight culture, so he obviously had some bias against Pit Bulls. This is as sad an outcome as I have seen in a long while, and I am greatly disturbed by the cop and his wife. Not only the act, but the utter, utter lack of remorse or emotion towards this victimized family and their poor dog.

I am the first to stand up for officers when it is just. I was all over defending the officer involved in the Charlie the Pit Bull episode. This officer? No way, no how. EIGHT times? I have seen pictures of that poor door on the vet's table. It's ridiculous. One shot to the leg would have downed the dog. This guy needs to be taken off the streets....he is potentially a community risk. He was accused of saying something bad (calling this an "N" dog), and given his overall behavior, I totally buy he said that. It is not simply what he did, but how he and his wife comported themselves in the aftermath.

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forever loved
Barked: Tue May 28, '13 4:31pm PST 
I completely agree, Tiller. One thing that caught my eye was it mentioned the pup was shot in the front yard? So the poor thing hadn't even gotten off the property?! It looks like he was purposely watching for the first chance he had to shoot him. When I was young, I watched my kitten being ran over on purpose...we had been playing with it in our front yard, my brother ran across the road to our car and it followed him...a car coming from down the street gunned their engine and purposefully ran over it in front of us. I remember how distraught we all were, holding her and crying (and my dad was FURIOUS, as he could have easily hit one of us as well). So yeah, having your puppy SHOT TO DEATH in front of you...I feel bad for those poor kids.hughug
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