How to handle dog attack and witnessing dog being beaten?

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Barked: Fri Apr 5, '13 10:48am PST 
This is a sad situation all around. We were on a walk and happened to pass a house where I saw people but not the dog, and the dog ran at us growling. I got caught between the much bigger dog and Molly, and she slipped out of her collar because it was the only way to avoid being bitten. I watched in horror as the other dog chased her down the street and into an intersection, where a car came around a corner and almost hit Molly. I really thought she was going to die...my heart sank. Which would have been worse, to have her on a leash and mangled or hit by a car, I don't know. And then they got into someone's bushes and the other dog went at her. Fortunately Molly only ended up with some cuts on her feet and she'll be fine.

But when the other dog's owner caught up to them, she started beating her dog! Like full on hitting him on his side the way you'd spank a child. I was so mortified that I didn't know what to do. Yes, her dog shouldn't have done that and he has an aggression problem that needs to be dealt with but she needs to get in control of the situation, not abuse him!

So I'm trying to figure out how to deal with the owners and their dog because I don't want to avoid walking in front of their house forever but they're out a lot so something has to change. I don't want to be afraid of their dog and I really don't want the poor thing to live that way. Is this something for the SPCA to handle? Or do you think sending them the vet bill and a list of trainers communicates things enough?
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Honestly, I'd get bylaw involved. ASAP. Not only was it THEIR negligence that had the dog taking off after yours(and it's likely they knew of his aggression problems), but to beat him afterward too adds insult to injury on their own stupidity and their own negligence. Really, they SHOULD NOT own this dog. At all.

I'm glad your dog is okay, but beating a dog is NOT the proper way to handle one dog going after another - if this is the way they treat their dog when he goes after another dog, NO WONDER he does it in the first place! It's likely that they created the problem to begin with.

Honestly, I'd try to get bylaw or Animal Control investigating the situation, and have them deal with it, because sending them a Vet bill and list of trainers will likely lead to more repercussions for the dog, as well as not get the dog out of that situation.

Good luck, and glad Molly is okay! Keep proof of Molly's injuries for Animal Control too.

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Thank you for your advice! It was helpful that you mentioned things possibly getting worse for the other dog. When I looked at local trainers I was pretty dismayed that almost all of them focused purely on the dog's behavior (even taking them away to work on them alone) instead of working on the owner's bond with the dog, so no, that's not going to work.

I'll have to call the township on Monday to figure out how they handle situations like this. And thanks for the tip about proof of her injuries!


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OMG that would be such a horrible situation, I'm glad Molly is okay. Definitely report it for the sake of that other dog and the whole neighborhood. That woman was responsible for her dog being off leash, she doesn't have the right to go beating on it for her stupidity.

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I think it's incredibly important to report any aggressive animals. Your dog survived this attack but what about the next one? Considering how the owner reacted, I'm sure we can all agree that there will be a next one.

If this isn't the dogs first offence, it may be put to sleep. If you can, I'd fight for it to either be PTS or surrendered. I'd rather see a single dog lose it's life than hear of it attacking and killing another dog knowing I could have prevented it.

It's a sad situation, but it could get so much worse if it's not dealt with appropriately.