Innocent Chained Pit Bull shot & killed in own yard by the police

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Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 7:29am PST 
There's a video on this page: http://www.newstalk650.com/story/pit-bull-shot-regina-police-stirs-p ublic-debate/102504

Here is the Article:
People are still very vocal about what led to a pit bull being shot by a Regina police officer Saturday night.

Regina police have maintained that the officers acted appropriately when they shot the dog while it was chained in a back yard. A canine officer and police dog were in pursuit of a suspect in an assault when they entered the back yard.

The Regina Police Service says the police dog and pit bull began fighting. The canine officer attempted to break up the dogs, but ended up being taken to the ground by the pit bull. Another officer tried to get the pit bull off the canine officer. Unable to do so, the officer fired one shot at the pit bull, killing it.

The dog’s owner is telling a different version of events, saying that he wasn’t given time to restrain his dog before the officer shot.

This situation is stirring up a lot of public debate and on Tuesday morning, many people called into John Gormley Live on Newstalk Radio to share their thoughts.

"Facebook threats and hate posted against the Regina police is just unacceptable. Yes, free speech laws exist. So do laws protecting people and organizations against hate speech and threatening comments," said Kristin.

"I know my dog would have been shot. She's a good dog, but she's a 100-pound German Shepard and she can be scary in the dark encountered with two people and another dog. She just would have been doing her thing," Paul told the show.

Other callers echoed the sentiment that the dog was likely just reacting on instinct.

"The dog was obviously startled. You've got two people and a dog coming into their yard. The dog is looking at this and seeing they're in hunting mode. So it's going to think, 'They're either hunting for me, or they're hunting on my territory'," Jonathan said.

More people called in to voice their support for police.

"The bad guy - we're forgetting about him," Dave said.

"If he murdered somebody or something like that, the police are just doing their job."

"I think what happened here is a complete overreaction by the Regina police and perhaps a mistake, which is natural, human, and it happens," Joe said.

"There's all these people that say that they don't like the police...I wonder, the first time they have a problem, who they're going to call," Francis said.

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It ain't over- till the fat- kitty sings
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 10:35am PST 
Firstshock Thenfrown Police and pits is a touchy subject but in this case the cops were totally out of line!!! If I understand this correctly they were trying to track down a suspect and cut through this backyard with a K9 and the resident dog started to fight it, then the officer breaking up the fight got knocked down and boom the resident dog is dead. Is this &%*$#$% messed up or what?

The police were trespassing. The resident dog was protecting his yard. If Callie attacked a human that jumped in our very secure yard, do they have a right to kill him??!!!
It's different in cases where the police are say in a building and the person they're trying to arrest sets the dog loose...and might be armed besides...then you can understand the officers being a bit tweaky. But this situation should not have happened. Those cops should be fired and forced to pay restitution to the owner.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 11:57am PST 
Okay so the pittie was chained up in the yard they were cutting through...how did any of this happen to begin with? How did the police dog get close enough to a chained dog to get in a fight and why wasn't the logical next move to just pull the police dog out of reach? Why did the officer move within range of a dog with limited range? Why didn't the second officer just pull him out of range?

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Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 12:10pm PST 
Hundreds of people keep pit bulls and protection dogs in their yards in any given "large" city. If the officers wind up getting attacked by a protection dog in the confines of its own secure yard, it's the police's fault in my book. To destroy any non-suspect's properly secure property due to careless decisions and not offer any restitution or apology is abusive.

Those officers should have known better. They also should have been humble enough to apologize in some way to the dog owner.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 2:31pm PST 
I'm wondering, too, how in the world or why they got within range for the two dogs to fight, if the pit was chained in the yard. Two dogs with potential for DA, one of which is chained... Yes... The police were doing their job... But when you enter people's yards without giving notice, you're GOING to run into situations like this. I cannot imagine if they had entered my yard when I lived in the house with five resident dogs, three of which were Rottweilers, one of which was a severely SSA/DA Mastiff, and Charlie... If they waltzed through my yard, those dogs would have gone NUTS. And absolutely, my dogs would have protected that yard against an invading, strange dog and strange people. I think they need more proper training on situations like this.

I'm going to be honest.. I've broken up a NUMBER of dog fights, Mastiff, Rottweiler and Pits alike, and while it's scary and you CAN get hurt in the crossfire, it's not a situation where a dog needs to be shot - especially not if one is TIED up.

Not only did this likely hinder their chase of the suspect, but a dog died because of it..

I remember one time when my fiance let my dogs out - Ria was eight weeks old, Charlie, five, of course. Ria was off leash because of her age and our townhouse complex, and Charlie on a tie out... Two officers and a police K9 showed up around the corner of the other side of the building, with the K9 on a long line. Luckily. They 'downed' their dog, who obliged, and my fiance hollered at me to get out there and help him get the dogs in the house, because Charlie was going NUTS trying to get at this dog(he's leash reactive). Am I ever lucky their K9 listened so well and that they stayed back and waited for us to move our dogs into the house, because something worse could have easily happened... and I feel THAT is how officers should handle that situation... Down their own dog, call out for the owners to get control of and contain their own dogs to prevent any issues from happening. They proceeded to ask us to go indoors and remain there. We did. And they went back about their business.

I understand they were doing their job... But this situation could have been prevented... frown

Barked: Wed Mar 27, '13 5:57pm PST 
I'm sorry, but this just makes a case for not leaving your dog chained up outside and unattended to me.

I feel for the dog not just for the fact that it's life ended, but for the fact that it was left in a position outside and alone to be hurt by anyone. That, is on the owner.

Not sure where the rest of you are located but while in pursuit of a suspect K9's around here are often times let off leash. It's not usual at all. And if law enforcement was forced to avoid every single yard with a dog in it criminals would get and chain up all kinds of dogs just to keep them out. Would sort of defeat the purpose of pursuit if all a criminal would have to do was hit a yard with a chained up dog in it to cease all their efforts.....real life doesn't and shouldn't have "safety" zones like in a child's game of tag.

I just don't see how law enforcement isn't completely to blame here. If the owner was out there with the dog while it was temporarily tied out to potty my response would be 100% different but that wasn't the case.
Jewel, PCD

8.6lbs of fury- in a bow!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 8:24am PST 
I actually live in the same province where this took place and I can honestly say I don't know if they let police dogs off-leash here because I've never seen one before. We don't have a lot of police dogs in my province.

Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 3:28pm PST 
Sorry, but I don't see that the police did anything wrong. Yes, I feel bad for the owner. It's horrible their family member was killed in their own yard but I wouldn't want a police officer to not continue a chase to stop a suspect that possibly assaulted someone. It is true that the police will let the dog off lead to chase down a suspect or if they are leashed then you can bet they aren't going to be right by the police officers side in a heel position. Those dogs have high drive and are amped up for the chase. They are up ahead pulling and they may not have been able to react in time to avoid the other dog in a chase situation. If the other dog had a hold of the police dog then they needed to remove the threat just as if that dog had latched on to a human police officer. Working dogs are worth thousands of dollars and I don't mean $5-6 thousand but I've seen them up to $16,000.00 or more and there are a lot of departments that can only afford 1 k9 which are usually multipurpose dogs like drugs and patrol dog. That dog gets injured or killed then your basically losing a patrol officer/ drug enforcement officer or both. They reacted in a way to protect their fellow officer.

Miss- Pig!
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 5:17pm PST 
Isn't chaining a dog though, better than letting it roam freely around the neighbourhood? We don't know the circumstances of why the dog was chained so i think it's wrong to cast any kind of judgements on the owners. In their minds eye their dog was safely contained in their yard and the last thing i'd ever think of happening is having police officers come through my yard with their police dogs and end up shooting my dog! I feel very sorry for the dead dog's owners.

Im just a little- guy
Barked: Thu Mar 28, '13 6:28pm PST 
I agree with Trigger.

It is sad this happened, but police dogs are valuable to public safety. We probably don't know the full story on both sides. Dogs can be severely injured or killed in dog fights. This was a fight between two powerful dogs.

There have been cases of dogs shot unfairly and out of line, but there is a good chance this was not. Protecting a police dog would not be out of line. It could be possible the Shepard attacked the pit bull unprovoked. So the pit bull could of been unfairly killed.

I think it's a bad idea to keep your dog chained up. There are many people on here that have said they would shoot another dog if it attacked theirs. I know the issue is this happened on the pit bull dog handler's property, but I kinda agree this is more of a case of how not to confine your dog.

Chained dogs can be more aggressive with their territory and in some areas it has been banned.
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