Question About Owner Leaving A Dog Alone For Days

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So I have an odd question...

There is a woman who lives in our house who owns a dog. Since she moved in I've rarely seen the dog (And we live in the same house) She's always locked downstairs other than when she lets the dog outside (Albeit not long, and not often, as the dog goes on "Pee Pee Pads") I only saw her walk the dog a total of one time, one. And this is in about three months. However she goes out walking with her baby AT LEAST once every day. When told she should take her dog out more she said, and I quote "I know, but the weather hasn't been good..."

Basically, long story short, her boyfriend isn't allowed at the house as much, because he has done some things (Such as screaming outside in a murderous volume and tone, eating all the food while not even paying child support, let alone rent, bring tons of friends in, disrespecting the owner of the house, the list could go on) And therefore she's not at the house much anymore. She will leave for days on end, like three or four. Meanwhile leaving her dog completely alone, meaning we have to take care of the dog and take it outside. She says she leaves the dog with "Food, water, and a Pee Pee Pad, so she's fine" However she's locked in one room in the basement, no toys or bones, and no human contact. When we take her upstairs, she's so happy to get to finally see people.

So what I'm wondering, is there a law against this is PA? I know the dog is left with food and water, but it's still animal abuse in my eyes having no contact of any kind. I have even fully volunteered to take the dog and foster it until it can be found a good home, however she's not willing to give the dog up.
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that's tough.

I think the rule in CA is to just have them with shealter, food and water. Shelter in this state can even be a large tree in the backyard. not even a dog house.

You can contact your local ASPCA or shelter with your concerns their animal control officers should have an answer for you.

Good luck.

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I'm trying to understand how she lives in your house...does she pay rent to you or is it like a multi-family house? If there is a landlord I would quietly speak to them about the situation. If she pays rent to you then you have a right to tell her directly she cannot leave a dog alone for days locked in a room with food and pee pads. She's taking advantage of your kindness and neglecting that poor dog...I would say something to somebody