No help from Animal Control

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Barked: Tue Feb 12, '13 1:42pm PST 
Our neighbors have a Pit Bull that they keep chained up in the backyard 24/7. The dog has gotten off the chain and jumped the 6 foot cement wall that divides our property and has come into our yard, TWICE now. The first time it happened the dog charged our screen door, that was shut, barking and growling. We went over to the neighbors to explain what happened and that it cannot happen again because we have two dogs and the situation was unsafe and unacceptable.

Last night my 19 year old son was coming in and out of the backyard. The back door was open. As he was walking towards the backdoor the neighbor's Pit Bull came over the wall, ran into our home, charged our son, showing his teeth and growling. My son yelled in a loud, low tone and put his hands in the air to make himself bigger. The dog ran back out into our yard and he shut the door. Last night the ONLY reason my dogs weren't hurt was because they were in my room, with me, with the door closed. The neighbor sent their 12 year old daughter over to retrieve the dog. My husband requested that her father come to get him instead so that we could talk to him. He came over, walked into our house, got the dog and started walking back out. My husband stopped him and said, "we need to talk about this." He told him that this was an ongoing, very serious problem and asked him what he was going to do to remedy it. The neighbor said, "what do you want me to do?" and walked out. The girl, started hitting the dog repeatedly on the head.

We have several concerns. One is, we have two smaller dogs that like to come in and out of the house. I'm home during the day and like to keep our back door open so they can do this. I cannot do this anymore because I'm scared that the Pit Bull will come over the wall and 1) hurt our animals and 2) come in the house again and hurt one of us. I am concerned that I cannot let my dogs in the backyard to go to the bathroom because I'm worried that the Pit Bull will come over the wall and attack them. I am concerned and unhappy that we cannot sit in OUR OWN backyard. This dog is MISTREATED and unhappy and as a result is AGGRESSIVE. The neighbors are irresponsible pet owners and are not doing anything to keep their animal in their yard.

We have made TWO complaints to Animal Control about this situation. I was informed this morning, by Animal Control, that they went out to the house this morning, talked to the dog owner, and warned him. A warning is NOT sufficient. Are we going to wait until my animals or my family gets hurt by this dog? Not to mention the fact that we, as homeowners, have the right to USE and ENJOY our backyard and cannot do so!

Does anyone have any advice or suggestions or resources that will help us with this situation? Thanks in advance.

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The next time the dog goes into your backyard, take the dog and drive him to the Animal Shelter.

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I would video tape it because a picture is worth a thousand words. A lot of times it's he said she said and I would call it in to the police to file a complaint. A lot of times animal control won't do anything unless they see the dog loose themselves. Don't contact the neighbors, contact animal control or the police first and they'll be ticketed especially if there's a leash law in your area. My friends neighbors dog was always running loose and now after a couple $300 tickets that dog is only out when they are out and on a leash. We used to have a neighbor that would just let two of her big dogs run loose late in the evenings because they knew animal control wasn't on duty then. Well someone complained and my husband was a police officer and was working that night and knew the dogs so wrote them a ticket. People are inconsiderate of others and it drives me nuts. I hope everything works out for you. Good luck.