Scary Situation

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 12:47pm PST 
Normal day, running errands before work tonight. Stopped home and there was the mail carrier truck...oh, goodie I won't find the mail tossed on the front porch, he can actually hand it to me..."You have a pit bull???!!!"...I was only thinking of course he knows the answer to that question, that's why the mail gets thrown on the porch...
Then he tells me that a brown pit bull just chased him while he was delivering near our house. There are at least 30-40 houses on our block, with half as many dogs. But I did panic, maybe Callie managed to get over/under/through the backyard, even though I go out there every month double checking every inch of gating.
But no, I get in the house and my son, Sophie AND Callie are all standing there looking at me. So happy to see that blocky ol' noggin.
Then after I pick up hubby at work and we get home, there's a police car in front of the house. The officer was nice at least, and we told her like we told the post office when we called them...our dog is in the house. I told my son to be on the alert in case they come back to do a nose count...but it was a scary feeling, know people who have say a cocker spaniel don't go through such excitement...now I get to go to workshock

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 1:11pm PST 
Glad your pup was safe at home, the joys of having a pittie ! laugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 4:17pm PST 
I have a friend/coworker whose sisters friend had their pittie and Catahoula shot dead last week while they were out, about 2 hours, running errands.
For whatever reason their two dogs were out, on their property, and the next door neighbors 15 yr old son shot both dogs to death.
The neighbors were very familiar with both dogs and have interacted many times with them and know that the dogs are not vicious.
The neighbor claims that the dogs were harassing their goats, but the goats were in a pen at the time.

The neighbor knows the dogs well enough that they could have put the dogs back inside or called the owners parents, who live two doors down, and have them get the dogs and put them inside.

Apparently there's no history of the dogs ever harassing the live stock and from what people know of the neighbors, they all say that the 15 yr old son is "off".

These dog owners are beyond devastated and can't understand why anyone would shoot both dogs. Chasing one down to kill it.

But, because the law is on the side of the goat owners, nothing can be done.
Absolutely awful situation.

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 4:24pm PST 
A similar thing happened to us with our dogs. Someone's German Shepherd type dog was harassing our neighbors and the Dog Officer called us and asked if our dogs were home. I said yes, but they came and checked anyway. We have also gotten complaints that in the summer our dogs are outside all day barking the whole day. I told the Dog Officer, that I never leave my dogs outside unattended. Our neighbor stuck up for us and said that it wasn't our dogs. Then one day I drove in the driveway, and there were my dogs, all three of them barking out of the house windows. red faceshock As it turned out it was my dogs. It's just they were in the house and not outside. LOLOLOL Now I make sure they can't reach the windows.

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 4:48pm PST 
I realize my story isn't similar, but I think I just had to get it off my chest. I heard about it today and am so bothered by it.

Scary, Sophie, to have police show up at your house asking about your dog. Good thing your babies were home safe.
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Years and years ago while in college I lived in a cabin in the woods with my GSD. One day the game warden stopped with a written warning that MY GSD had been seen chasing deer and the next time it happened he was going to shoot it.
My dog hadn't left my house, which I told him to no avail.
Several weeks later he stopped to tell me he HAD shot my dog for chasing deer again and he had the body with him for me to dispose of.
I opened my screen door and out walked MY GSD. The warden was pretty red in the face, jumped in his truck and left. I never did find out whose dog he had shot.

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Barked: Thu Jan 3, '13 9:07pm PST 
Thank you for commiserating...now that I've had some time to think I'm actually mad about the situation. We have a fenced yard and the fences facing the or street are DOUBLED. The neighbors on either side put up fences that extended over our property so there is a fence, a ten foot field then another fence. So our dogs are never remotely near the sidewalk or walkway of the house.
Also we aren't the only people with pibbles, one next door who's a heck of alot more imposing than Callie. Then we don't even know most of the other dogs on the block. The dog who chased the postman might have even wandered in from elsewhere. But he's seen me walk them so obviously it has to be one of my dogs. There's a shepard down the street, if a shepard chased me I wouldn't automatically assume that house has a shepard so that has to be the dog that chased me. I'm going to read that mail carrier the riot act...calmly...the next time I see him...or I WILL send Callie out for lunch BWAHAAHAAHAA