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Barked: Mon Oct 8, '12 6:47am PST 
What angers me the most is the instant sterotype people have.. Many ignorant uneducated non dog people respond by saying the dog is a beast it should be banned everywhere no one should be allowed to own them, its a killing machine.
Now that is just wrong!
Some pit bulls may have been trained to be aggressive, or had horrible owners that didn't correct the early warning signs of ANY aggressive dog and the dog became out of control.
To me it doesn't matter the breed. Can pit bulls do more damage? Oh heck yes! But do I feel that they will bite more often then any other large breeds? Absolutely not!
Now the reason I am not interested in owning one is the potential for dog aggression. I am very active with my dogs and take them everywhere and we run into ALOT of dogs. Sometimes over 10 dogs a day. So if I had a dog aggressive pit bull I couldn't do all the fun things I enjoy.
That being said my husky mix is iffy with some dogs. Although most of the time even if he is feeling angry he can control it and let me know without any altercation.
The negative sterotype hurts. I think most people who hold the most negative reaction to pit bulls are ones that probably don't own a dog (or they have a yorkie and always had)! Or ones that believe everything the news tells them, and they have never even met a pit bull.
One of my friends has a pit. She used to call him a lab mix so she didn't have to deal with the sterotype, she stopped that and now notices the huge difference when people are told he is a pit. But thats her baby hes actually a perfect dog! So she deals with it and is proud of him.

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Barked: Mon Oct 8, '12 8:31am PST 
Tucker in my area Akitas have that same type of reputation because someone without knowlege of how to raise an Akita properly got one from a pet store simply because he was so cute. They never bothered to research the breed and were clueless as to how he needed to be raised. He bit 4 people over his 13 year life span one seriously enough that the boy was hospitalized for weeks and had to undergo several surgeries to correct his injuries,to my understanding many years later he still walks with a limp. When we brought our Akita mix into the neighborhood she looked so much like a GSD that no one ever mentioned the problem with Akitas. When we brought Mika home at not quite 10 weeks I was well aware of the general reputation of the breed but not the experiences of the people in our neighborhood so we did face that instant prejudice. I worked long and hard raising,training and socializing Mika around some of the people who had the most concern assuring them that in the right hands with a knowlegeable owner they were no more dangerous than any other breed. Thanks to my understanding their concerns and hours,days,months,and yes,even years of properly raising my Akitas to be a good example of how wonderful they can be in the right hands my Akitas are loved and accepted by many of the same people who had the most fear,as being sweet,gentle,loving family pets and not the monsters they had believed the entire breed to be. As Tuck said I have worked long and hard to make them ambassadors for the breed. When people ask about owning one I am very honest about how careful you have to be in finding a responsible breeder who cares about breeding for a stable temperment,how well socialized the MUST be,and the ammount of work,and type of personality that is needed to have them behave as mine do. Some people are well up to the challenges,others admire mine but decide that the breed is more than they are able to manage. So Tuck is correct. When you choose a breed that tends to inspire fear in others you also accept that legacy and work hard to change public perception one person at a time. You can not be offended or take personally the fears that others have either because of past experience,what the media has shown of the breed,or any other thing that has wether you feel it fair or not a bad reputation. You simply work very hard one person at a time if necessary to change that prejudice.
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Barked: Mon Oct 8, '12 10:31am PST 
I'm a bit late, but going to throw in my opinion anyway puppy

Cesar Millan said something awesome that has stuck with me since the moment I heard it:

"In the 80's they blamed the German Shepherd. In the 90's it was Rottweilers and Dobermans. Now it is PitBulls... When are they going to blame the humans?"

I absolutely hate BSL! It annoys me no end!

My aunt had a PitBull in the late 80's/early 90's... Before they were banned here, in The UK. He was the loveliest dog ever and I loved him when I was young.

I'm a huge 'powerful' breed fan and also stand strong for 'blame the deed, not the breed'... Humans over bred Pits, humans beat them, inbred them and made them kill or be killed. Humans made them the way they are and WE fear THEM?! Get a grip!

I would love a Pit, but unfortunately, living in The UK, I can't and it really grates on my nerves!

It's also been proven that banning a breed does NOTHING! If stupid people can't get a Pit, they will move on to another breed and make that dog fight and be aggressive... Now The UK has a massive problem with Staffies in rescue shelters. What does that show? Banning Pits does nothing about the problem. The horrible people that want Pits, will go put and get a Staffie or other Bully breed...

Another statistic... In The UK, since PitBulls were banned, recorded dog bites on people and other dogs has risen by 7%...
Worse still, I read an article last week that said 70% of the people asked in the survey, would not rehome a Staffie :o( A horrible statistic when you think 60% of dogs needing rehomed in The UK are Staffordshire Bull Terriers...

More so, what is a PitBull Type? No one in The UK knows. Do you know how they judge it? Measurements! If I was to get a Staffie crossed with an American Bulldog (both non-banned breeds), it can be taken off me and PTS because it looks like a Pit or measures up the same!

Ergh, as you can tell... I really hate BSL... It solves nothing and is an extremely flawed law...


*takes deep breath*

To all you amazing, responsible Pit Bull owners... I have your back and I know there are thousands of others that do too. Keep up the awesome work with your beautiful dogs... Go you guys for being amazing breed ambassadors and for standing by them when other people walk in the opposite direction puppy

Okay puppy I'm done... I promise puppy

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 6:24pm PST 
I face the same problems with my wolfdogs. And while yes, it can be argued by plenty on here that it's not the same, it is in my eyes and it gets old real fast.

I have been working in the vet and boarding field for 10 yrs, and Pit Bulls are at the bottom of my list for dogs I don't want to deal with. Some of the worst dogs we have to deal with at work are your small breeds like Chi's, Doxies, Shi's, Schnauzers and for the larger dogs, ACD's, Chows and Labs/Lab mixes.

BSL irritates me to no end. I agree with most of the posts here- when are they going to stop blaming the breed and start blaming the irresponsible owners? shrug

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 6:49pm PST 
I could kiss one of our neighbors tonight. We just got our boy and my dingy son leaves the door open bringing in groceries. Then again Sophie isn't a problem with the door, she won't leave a room without me.
We looked up and the boy was gone. Hubby cruised the neighborhood and I called the police. Callie looks more scarya## dog than Sophie. Didn't want to imagine someone panicking seeing him loose. We live next to an urban area. The police shoot pits and other people kidnap them, we were so worried.
Just before I started crying, hubby's phone rang "Do you have a dog???", neighbors saw him and lured him in the house with salami. Sooooo grateful to those people being kind and brave enough to help him...No going on the front porch for a looonnng time for him.
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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 7:41pm PST 
After having a reactive pit bull, not an aggressive pit-bull (BIG difference) I can tell you BSL and any ingorance to the bully breed in general is extremely frustrating. I had lab mixes, boxer mixes and of course my pit bulls. No dog in my home is allowed alone with any child. Period. I don't have children and have friends who do. If they bring a child to the house I keep the dog at my side. As Ian Dunbar once said - all dogs have teeth and all dogs bite... Nuff said. When it comes to BSL my feelings are simple. Do not judge. People judge me by my looks, I'm covered in tattoos, have a "natural" mean stare, yet I work in Law Enforcement. I get followed in stores like I'm a thief, yet I'm the one who makes sure the thieves follow the laws. thinking So BSL is discrimination. Grunt, my current pit, loves humans, all of them he will fold himself in half with happiness at a greeting. Yet people will see him and cross the street to get away from him naughty Their loss, but some I will say he's friendly and would love to say hello to you, some come over, some don't. The ones that do are amazed at how gentle and sweet Grunt is. I live in the country, yet I take my dogs once a month to the kennel for socialization and playtime. Grunt is now 18 months and he will playbow and get as low to the floor to greet and play with a poodle. Turner was a reactive dog, he was a throwaway fight pup that wouldn't "engage". He was lucky, where I got him from they shot and then burned the bodies. I managed his behavior. If I saw other dogs I removed him from the area and never had him off lead where there was a possibility of other loose dogs. I am a responsible pit owner. I take pride in who I am and who my dogs are. I understand the breed, the good and the bad and I accept my responsibilities as such. Through work I have met and talked countless hours with dog fighters and am well versed in the dark side. I know the capabilities of my breed and I respect their abilities to please. BSL in my opinion is bull, yet instead of griping about it I wish they could meet Grunt and other dogs and make judgement on a case by case basis. BSL is like looking at me and saying she's a druggie or bad seed because she has tattoos... Don't judge a book by it's cover, read the contents and LEARN!! way to go

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 8:11pm PST 
Turner I kinda of understand what you're saying. I too have tattoos...but apparently where I live if you have tattoos, piercings, (which I also have) and a Pitbull you're an automatic thug. Even though I volunteer for an adoption agency and don't know how to shoot a gun. If I see someone out with their Pit yes I get nervous. If they're on the leash - no. But...because of how I look as well as how Angel looks...yeah it does get annoying.

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Barked: Tue Oct 9, '12 9:09pm PST 
Junie "the pitbull" has been living with our 84 year old grandmother for the past 2 years. Junie is one of the few reasons that my Grandma has to live. My Grandma swore that she would never have a dog again, especially not a pitbull! Well they are in love now! This pitbull is truely a therapy dog and a life saver with all her kisses and snuggles.

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 11:09am PST 
I foster a great deal, and am VERY Pit positive when it comes to shelter pulls and adoptions, and there is a striking difference when I am out and about with a fostered Pit vs another dog. That is where I gain a lot of heart for people who own and love these dogs.

I may basically agree with what Tuck is saying, but in ways I challenge it. I do, after all, own Giant Schnauzers, who if you are in the dog fancy and know your breeds, know that is one breed not to *f* with. Or mentored on Kerrys before, who make Giants seem like Drag Queens vs the Kerry's nail spitting, beer guzzling personae wink

So that's the not cool part. The rep of the Pit, with just the common Joe Blow on the street who doesn't know of what they speak. I know with my Giants, in that I have Am Cockers also, some in my clique would place a puppy with me gladly....an Am Cocker with the Giants, I mean....and others would be very concerned about that combo generally. But at least that is a reasonable and educated conversation, and, most critically, upon seeing my Giants, chill out.

That's where it sucks. It SUCKS when you have a Pit who is showing every body language in the world of being dog friendly, and you have dog owners having some heart attack.

From years of shelter assessments, this I can say...Pits never lie. Dogster Duncan, who I run my rescue with and who also had a term with Best Friends, in addition to all her kill shelter experience, would say the same. What you see with a Pit IS what you get. They don't throw one thing to you and then do another. I pull Pits out of shelters with far less caution than other breeds. I have never had one who proved a liar of me, of the adult persuasion of course. With puppies, they are puppies and time will tell. But a love bug Pit is just that, and if that can't relax a dog savvy person then I do have to say they are buying into the hype. The very genetics of the dog means that even before they fight, they are practicing body language of intimidation and letting their opponent know what they have in mind.

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Barked: Wed Oct 10, '12 12:45pm PST 
I know quite a few pittie owners and will honestly say that 99.9% are people friendly and many are other dog friendly. The problem just like with many other banned or restricted breeds is public perception and those that are irresponsible owners. That is an unfortunate reality that not only pitbull owners deal with but also those of us who choose to own any of the so called "Dangerous Breeds" I hate it as well,it is very frustrating that people who see your dog go into instant panic,feel the need to pulltheir kids a little closer,pick up their little dog or otherwise make you feel very unwelcome in their world. We who are dedicated,responsible,and do the right thing are lumped right along with the people who are irresponsible,clueless or just dont give a @%$#. We know we are not,those who know us and our dogs know differently but the general public who see all the negative press and the product of those who are irresponsible or just plain idiots,will unfortunatly assume that it is the breed not the person behind the leash that gives them the reputation that they have. Until we can find a way to educate the public to that fact,that it is the owner,not the breed we as owners of these types of breeds and our dogs will be subjected to this type of public panic at the mere sight of our pets. The only thing that seems to help is those of us who are responsible doing our best to show the positive aspects of our chosen breed and to try to educate people one at a time if necessary that what the media and hype show are not all there is to any breed. As Turner said we need to teach them not to judge a book by the cover but to open it and read. Thankfully,there are groups out there who very publically advocate for pitbulls and some other breeds. They need our help to continue to change the negative hype of the media that fuels the public,there also need to be more of these organizations that advocate for other so called "dangerous breeds" so that the public becomes more aware that it is the human behind the dog and not the breed that is the problem.
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