Man Shoots Labrador in "Self Defense"

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 7:31pm PST 
This happened the other day in my local area. I actually know the guy that did this, but some things are rather fishy. You can't view the whole article online, so I'll write it here what was printed in the local paper. Names and addresses will be kept out though.

"There's no question about what happened. Before 4 p.m. on Friday, Kankakee County sheriff's police were called to Kim and Nancy **** home on ***** road in Kankakee where Kim told an officer that Cole, his 2-year-old, 54-pound black labrador, had been shot.

He had been cutting a tree with a chainsaw when he heard a gunshot, then saw his dog run through the yard and lay by the side of the house, coughing up blood.

He told the officer that he thought is next-door neighbor, Dick P., who owns [a local store] in Kankakee, shot the dog.

Dick P. admitted that he was in the backyard and fired one shot at the lab with a .25 caliber handgun when the dog was about 8 feet away and ready to attack. The dog ran back into its yard and Dick P. went back to work.

The dog died later that day at [local] Animal Hospital. Kim told police the bullet went through its esophagus and lodged in its shoulder.

But why the dog was shot depends on who's answering the question.

"A sad thing happened," Dick P. said in a written statement. "I shot one of my neighbor's dogs. I am so sorry for their loss."

Dick P. said he shot the dog in self-defense. He told police he had been walking near the back of his property when the dog charged him and appeared to be getting ready to attack. He said in the statement that the dog had attacked him before.

On Friday, he told police that he has called Kankakee County Animal Control several times in reference to the dog running loose and coming onto his property to bark and growl at him.

"After the first vicious encounter, I decided to keep my small handgun in my pocket when I was in the yard, even if it was just to walk out to my garage, " Dick P. said.

Nancy said she and her husband were visited by animal control personnel on multiple occasions and were advised to keep the dog on a leash when someone wasn't supervising him. She said her lab was anything but vicious and usually never left their property.

Animal control said they were aware of the dog and situation, but had no further comment.

No charges have been filed. An investigation into the shooting remains open at the Kankakee County Sheriff's Office, sain Ken M., chief deputy for the sheriff's department.

Dick P. has a valid Firearm Owner's Identification card. Legal gun owners have the right to protect themselves against death or great bodily harm while on their own property.

"You have the right to defend yourself," Ken M said.

Kim and Nancy called the police again on Sunday, disturbed that Dick P. had put a basket of flowers and an apology card near their clothes line, on which sheets stained with the dog's blood had been hung. The homeowners told police they believe the flowers were put there to upset them more. Police told Dick P. to stay off their property."

Okay, so this guy is an older guy who always seemed a bit off whenever I would talk to him. By off, he just didn't seem totally connected with the world. He'd talk to you like he knew you but look at you in way that suggested he thought he knew you but couldn't quite remember.

He also seems, to me, like the kind of guy who would get fed up with a dog in his yard and just shoot it to be done with it. The fact that he shot it, told nobody and just went to work like nothing happened is disturbing to me. Also, the flower thing really isn't that big of a deal. He's doing quite well in the money department and the local store he owns sells flowers...

Now, the owners aren't exactly innocent either. Whether or not the dog was "vicious" we don't know...but the dog obviously left their property due to previous complaints, and they didn't seem to correct that problem after visits with animal control.

But one can only shoot an animal if it's threatening life and limb...not because it's wandering about in your yard.

I don't know...a big he said, she said debate. But the guy who shot the dog knows a lot of people...so I'm betting not much effort is going to be looked into on this case. Although, it did make the front page of the paper. It will be interesting to see if they publish any updates....or maybe I'll run into a farmer who has to local gossip.laugh out loud

Any thoughts?

Love me.
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 7:45pm PST 
My thoughts are the owners KNEW their dog would leave their property and trespass onto the neighbor's land, and had been told not to do that. This man had previously felt threatened by the dog, and has every right to not want the dog on his property (whether or not the dog would have attacked). Even if the dog would not have attacked, I know personally I have been circled by and barked at by a lab and it was scary and I also thought it was going to attack (of course the owners always deny that). I don't blame the guy at all, especially if this was not the first time it had happened, and I don't think he meant anything bad by leaving flowers and an apology note...to me it says it all in how the dog's owners took even that act, by accusing him of ill intentions for apologizing?? It almost sounds like they simply do not like him, and would intentionally allow their dog to run loose because he asked them not to let the dog on his property. They should not have continually allowed their dog to run loose.shrug

Guide dogs, the- ones others- emulate
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 7:51pm PST 
A thought........keep the friggin mutt crated, on a leash, use an "invisible fence", supervise it, or any other method so it doesnt wander. Pretty simple, eh?
That would end any and all incidents such as this.
Now, before everyone gets all hot and bothered, just consider this: My wife is blind and uses a guide dog. Never in the 11 years she has been using her guides has any of them "got loose", "wandered off", "jumped the fence", "dug a hole to get out", "slipped out the front door unnoticed" or any other pathetic excuse. Now, if a blind woman can keep her dog from doing all that.....what is stopping those who have good vision from doing the same thing? Why does my wife have to deal with loose, stray, uncontrolled dogs running aroung harassing her guide? Because of dog "owners" who let their mongrels have free run. One of these idiotic "owners" had his dog run UP ONTO OUR OWN FRONT PORCH to harass my wife and her guide as she stepped out of OUR OWN HOUSE!

I have successfully used pepper spray, a stun baton, and a taser on loose/stray/uncontrolled dogs that have threatened my wife and her guide, and would not hesitate in the least to use deadly force if needed. So far, that has not been an issue; I do legally carry a firearm but prefer to use non-lethal methods first.

Simple solution: Control Your Dog At All Times. If a blind woman can do it....so can everyone else.

You asked for thoughts, and I gave 'em straight up.


Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 8:04pm PST 
Just a very sad situation. If the person( Dick P.) seems off,then why has no one brought that to the attention of the authorities? For heavens sake this man has a permit to carry a firearm. I know,I know, second amendment and all that but even in that case there are exceptions. My daughter lives in a neighborhood and in fact in the other half of a duplex with a woman who has mental health issues,and fortunately while drinking and on pain medication,missed shooting the neighbor in the duplex across the yard by inches. She also caused the entire end of the block to be evacuated for safety reasons when holed up in her home with multiple loaded guns belonging to her then boyfriend. Thankfully,my children were not home. My husband,my dog and I spent the night parked in our car down the street in January. We had to drive to a convenience store 5 miles away to use the bathroom,get coffee and cigarettes,and gas for the car to keep the heat running when we needed it. she is not permitted to have guns either in her place of residence or on her person due to her mental issues. Her husband recently passed away,she is "having a bad spell" and the firearms are back. My daughter lives literally 6 inches away from this potential danger. On the first occasion when she fired the gun that nearly killed the neighbor across the yard,had she pointed the gun the other way,she could have potentially killed both my stepson and his pregnant girlfriend who until the shot went off had been sleeping,on the second occasion they had to use a "flashbang" to get her out of the house,she was placed in a local psychiatric facility,for observation,the guns were removed and she was placed on probation for the incident and guns were no longer to be on the premesis. The same may need to be done with Dick P.,this time it was a dog,what if next time it is a neighbor who is unaware that he is" a bit off" and he feels threatened by?
My daughter lives in fear daily for her family and their safety. She is afraid to report that the firearms are back because she doesn't know how the woman will react. Kevlar is far too expensive to line the walls with and a bullet proof vest will not protect your head,not to mention it would most likely be difficult to sleep in. I am very sad for these people at the loss of their dog,but Dick P. really needs to be checked out as well before he does even more harm. Just my 2 cents. I would be afraid,very afraid of this man.

Love me.
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 8:13pm PST 
Was going to say this before, now I really feel like I should.

Just because someone seems 'off' or 'different' does NOT mean there is anything wrong with them! That is simply one person's personal judgment on another, with no valid basis to it.

He has a license for a handgun, that is a good thing, that means he knows how to handle it safely. He did NOT shoot the dog up, he shot ONE time, that shows self-restraint, especially if he were scared or frustrated by/with the dog. He is a small-business owner, and apparently respected in the community...he would have a hard time with that he is were truly 'off his rocker'.

This was entirely the fault of the dog owners, that is why the man is not being charged. AC had been called on them multiple times, they had plenty of time to get their dog under control but did not comply. THAT is why their dog is now dead, and I personally would not take their word that the dog was not vicious. I really don't see how this is being twisted into making it the fault of the man, and making him out to be a potential raging psychopath.

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Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 9:27pm PST 
I agree completely with Twister and Roanna. These owners had been warned multiple times that they needed to keep control of their dog. Why should the guy have to walk around HIS own property nervous that the neighbors dog is going to attack him? Even if the dog wasn't viscous that doesn't mean that the owners can just ignore all the complaints. I'm sick of all the people who just let their dogs run loose. I have 4 neighbors right beside me that do the same thing. It used to be 6 but 2 moved away. Thank god because 1 of them had 6 dogs and I got tired of chasing those dogs home once to twice a day everyday. Eventually one of their dogs ended up biting someone. It drives me nuts that I can't always enjoy my front yard with my own dogs because I have to be on the lookout for theirs. Not to mention I already have to clean up my own dogs waste and don't want to pick up their dogs too. I also have kids and if i felt my kids or my dogs for that matter were threatened by one, I wouldn't hesitate to pull out one of my guns and shoot it. Honestly there are times I get so frustrated I wish that I could just shoot the owners with paint ball guns or something. It's not really the dogs fault. It's their darn owners fault. It doesn't matter how rich or well off this guy is or if he got the flowers from his store, it was a nice gesture for him to send them the flowers and note. He didn't have to. As for him being off. Well, people are different and just because you feel that they are off doesn't mean they are. If he is well off and owns a business then he must have some wits about him.

The Boy Wonder
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '12 10:27pm PST 
As someone who at times may seem 'off' that doesn't mean that I have any less of a right to protect myself, or in my case my service dog.

All three of my previous service dogs have been attacked at one point or another by people's unleashed, untrained, and loose pets. This in my opinion is completely uncalled for and over the line.

I run my dogs loose and off lead on my property often, but that doesn't mean they're allowed out of my site, on someone else's lawn, or otherwise to be annoying to someone else.

In my opinion it doesn't matter if the dog was being aggressive or not, there was a clear pattern of behavior from the dog/owners which showed the dog was not controlled, in my area that's cause for concern because even a 'friendly' dog can run a foal to the ground or run a horse or other livestock through a fence. The man had every right to protect himself... not only did he shoot the dog only once... but he hit what he was shooting at. No cause for concern there, case closed. I absolutely love dogs and collect, rehome, retrain, and otherwise care for strays all the time, and have been known to rehome hounds that are caught chronically running my horses. I feel no shame for this, nor the few dogs I've had to shoot myself for endangering myself, my dogs, or my livestock.

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 12:07am PST 
I am in no way condoning dogs running at large being a nuicence or being permitted to threaten or attack people. I have my own issues with that. I realize that people are different and each of us may seem odd or off to someone else's judgement and it may just be that person's feeling. I do blame the owner's of the dog for allowing it to run at large,especially after repeated complaints and visits from animal control. They did have a way to prevent the death of their dog. And yes,the man has a gun permit.He did only fire one shot. So did the woman who could have killed my neighbor or my family. She doesn't anymore,mostly because someone,in fact most of the neighborhood was willing to speak up after the first incident. In my area it is illegal to shoot a firearm at anything as a public safety issue,I live in the city where houses are no more than 10 feet apart. I would not want one of my neighbors shooting a stray dog missing,and hitting an innocent bystander.
There are many mentally ill people who manage to live normal and very productive lives in fact there is currently a member of the US congress diagnosed as bipolar. My sister whom I love dearly and have known my entire life and is one of my very best friends aside from being my sister is the most non-violent person I know and to meet her you would never be aware of her illness, would I trust her to posess a loaded gun while in a manic or mixed state of her illness? Not on your life. I do not know Dick P. but niether do the rest of you,while he should not have to fear for his safety due to irresponsible dog owners,no one should. I was simply making the point that his "being a bit off" may be an issue as well. He may be a perfectly kind,well meaning man who was simply afraid for his safety and that is fine.
He may also feel truly sorry for having shot the dog to defend himself. Sad but understandable. Where you live I think,has bearing on just how safe taking that action was...

Gotta love me !
Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 4:39am PST 
As Roanna said CONTROL YOUR DOG! Whether the man has problems is not the issue, if the dog was under control and stayed in his yard this would not have happened. The owners had been warned by animal control but didnt listen.
Dexter *CGC- silver*

If it moves - Herd it!
Barked: Wed Aug 15, '12 4:43am PST 
It's all down to being able to own guns, isn't it?

I'm just glad that The UK made it illegal to own guns, a long time ago... Unless you are part of the Police Armed Responce Unit or the Army, you can't have a gun... Simple as!

Us mere mortals have to use our initiative in situations like these...

I really, really detest guns!!! Even though my dad, boyfriend, best friend and uncle are all in the military!

In certain situations and for the safety of the individual or the public, yes, shooting a dog is the best thing to do... But most of the time there is always an alternative to using a gun... Especially without a second thought... That freaks me out!
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