Hunting Issue- Can anything be done

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Bailey - BN, RN, CGC

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 8:16pm PST 
A couple days ago I was at my grandparents walking Bailey and she was shoot at by hunter who was tresspassing thankfully they missed. This person had no permission to hunt there as well as Baileys was on a 20ft leash and was wearing a orange vest. My grandparents own 110 acres abd my grandpa had said it was ok to walk along the inner trails of the property which is were I was. The police are working out what all he can be charged with. I want to know if anything was committed as far as shooting at my dog.

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Barked: Sun Nov 20, '11 8:49pm PST 
Well since you were walking with your dog, reckless endangerment of a person? I think there are laws about shooting near houses. I don't know how much help it would be, but how about posting to hunting/no trespassing signs all over the place. I have seen them in rolls, tear them off and staple to fence posts, trees.....stupid hunters backsides. naughty

hugI'm really glad he missed and you'all are okay.
Bailey - BN, RN, CGC

Are you sure I- wwant to sleep
Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 9:12am PST 
ok yes the property is marked with no hunting/ no tresspassing sighns my grandpa and I worked all summer to make sure we had one posted every 5- 10 ft on the property line to avoid this hoping the police do there job and charge for everything possible


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Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 9:29am PST 
I'm so glad that you and your dog are OK. I'm really getting so ticked off by the jerk hunters this year in my area too. Shooting where they're not supposed to be by many acres. I'd love to post a "No Hunting. No trespassing. This is private property and all hunters will be shot on sight." sign.

Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 1:13pm PST 
They would have told you what if anything they'd be citing/charging him for if anything.

Laws vary wildly from state to state and even county to county. As far as what he could have been charged with there would be no way for anyone here to know.

Your grandfather would have had to have signs clearly posted and requested he be charged with tresspassing for law enforcement to go that route. As far as your safety was concerned reckless discharge of a firearm could have been an option where I'm at, but you'd have known right away, they'd have confiscated his gun and hauled him off for such a thing.

Sounds like they don't plan to do much of anything unfortunately.

Glad you guys are ok regardless frown
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Barked: Mon Nov 21, '11 4:05pm PST 
Did he shoot from a stand?

I'd go out there and tear it down.

I'm confused though...was the guy caught?