Pet abuser registry

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Mischief BN

Barked: Fri Nov 11, '11 1:27pm PST 
So, on the dog news every once in awhile there is a case that pops up about people doing horrible things to dogs. It actually happens a lot more than we read about. Someone often mentions that there should be a pet abuser registry, in the same way that there are sex offender registries. This week I came across this: http://www.pet-abuse.com

It's not quite the same thing. The offenders are not required to register. Instead, people submit news articles and court cases. You can do map searches around your area. I was appalled at some of the things I found in my hometown. Still this is a good tool. Am I behind in having just found this? Do shelters/rescues/breeders know about this and use it for adopter screenings? If they don't, can we try to make local rescues/shelters/breeders aware of it?
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

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Barked: Fri Nov 11, '11 3:35pm PST 
I never heard of it, but I think it sounds great.
Mischief BN

Barked: Fri Nov 11, '11 5:35pm PST 
It's a lot more extensive than I thought it would be. That's why I wondered if more people had already seen it and why I hadn't seen it already. I expected it to be sparse in more rural area reporting or maybe just have a few cities that it covered well, but it really has a lot of coverage. You can search by zip code, name, offense, case status or map. I want to drop emails to all the local rescues and suggest using it for all potential new pet parents. I also want to send it to the prosecuting attorneys and animal control to make sure they send in all the cases. This could be really helpful.

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Barked: Sat Nov 12, '11 8:20pm PST 
I don't know of a registry in our area but our local shelter does keep records like that in a book/books that must be checked before someone is permitted to adopt. That is why if you put in an application to adopt on Tuesday you don't know if you're approved until at least Thursday,someone has to go through the records. They may be on computer as well now since I haven't volunteered in quite awhile.
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Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 5:41am PST 
Where I was living last year had started a local register of people with orders to not own animals AND was finally allowing that list to be released other shelters and rescues in the area.

Its a great idea in theory but implementation and the law changes and the funding needed to really get somethign like that off the ground probably will never happen.
Mischief BN

Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 7:09am PST 
This web site probably covers your area, too:


I know it had recent happenings in my town. It's really pretty large, but it does depend on people sending info in. However, it does list open cases as well as convictions, so that might be an advantage.

It would be interesting to compare the shelter's records to this database and see how complete the database is.

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Mr. Pibbs- *CGC*

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Barked: Sun Nov 13, '11 10:03am PST 
Wow Mischeif, I had no idea this site existed!
Thank you so much for sharing it. I like how informative it is and hope people will see how animal abuse/child abuse go hand in hand.
I'm going to share this will all of my rescuse contacts.
Mischief BN

Barked: Tue Nov 15, '11 12:16pm PST 
Yeah, Pibbs, and they do link the domestic abuse (child and spouse/partner) cases with animal abuse cases. On the map search tool, all cases with an address (or approx address) show up as a little balloon/push pin thingy. Most of them are yellow. If there was domestic abuse associated with the case, the push pin is red.

There was one push pin that was red in my town, and it was for this stupid, dirty c%#@ that thought her boyfriend was cheating on her, so she strangled his 7 month old puppy. I think she is probably in jail now because she had a warrant out and the warrant is gone now, but the case is still marked "alleged" so I'm not sure. I was trying to find a more updated warrant search for my county so I could find out if it's still active or not for sure.


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Barked: Wed Nov 16, '11 9:12am PST 
Thanks for pointing out that website. I am relieved to find out that within 10 miles of our zip that there were only 5 incidents reported with the most recent one being in 2008.