Lennox is almost out of time!

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It loks like there hasn't been anything on Lennox here since 2010. He is still being held and the judge has given him until the 21st of Oct. PLEASE, his time is almost up and he needs all the support he can get this week. PLEASE go to the Belfast council page and let Lennox be heard!


http://www.petitiononline. com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?sl190510&1

http://www.causes.com/causes/5 42951-save-lennox-s-life

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cry No one interested in speaking out for Lennox in his final days?
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It's less of a topic us bound than uk, I have seen it all over the uk forums but yet this is the first topic i've seen here on lennox.


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Yeah, there was a topic or two back in 2010. Boggles my mind how long he has been held. Unfortunately, he is victim to the same BSL as we have in the US so the problem is not specific to the UK and thanks to the internet these poor dogs can have voices from all over the world.

I am an American living in the UK so I can see it from both sides of the pond. I am not an owner to this "type" of dog or any large breed as I have a Yorkie, I am just someone who wants to help give them a voice. Innocent dogs who have never had a complaint put against them are being held for long periods of time in bad conditions without medical care or socialization both in the UK and the US and it can happen to anyone's dog who "looks" the part. Not all states in the US have this BSL but can jump on the bandwagon at any time and any of us who think our dogs are safe now could be in the same boat at any time. frown

Hope I am not coming off as argumentative, I don't mean to be I just feel strongly about the subject. smile

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Yep, UK forums are very aware of Lennox and are doing all they can to save him. I signed the petition way back and have continued to follow the story.

Poor Lennox hug

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I wanted to read the story of Lennox but each of those links took me somewhere else, and the Campaign for Lennox site is currently down. Can someone tell me what has happened & if this dog is still being held?
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Yeah, the campaign site is down (you can still sign the petition page). If this is the same dog I am thinking about, then I already signed the petition, but I won't know for sure until the campaign site is up again. Sad story all the same.frown

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The Lennox case really has had a very good response and more and more people are signing. I have been following this case very carefully and to update everyone,Lennox is still being held and he has been granted a stay of execution which has sadly been moved to the 21st of January 2011. BCC released 2 pure bred male pits and 2 pure bred female pits last week yet Lennox remains behind bars,it is believed that the council are delaying the release as a selfish and cruel attempt trying to get back at the family as they spoke openly of how BLS is wrong and cruel. It is also believed that Lennox has an untreated injury to his foot and neck but the dog wardens will not comment.