Dogs attack 10-year-old boy, tears his ears off

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Tail Waggin'- Mutt
Barked: Fri Aug 5, '11 8:11pm PST 
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wouldn't harm a- fly...XD
Barked: Fri Aug 5, '11 10:41pm PST 
What I think is that if I saw a child being attacked by a dog-ANY dog, I would want to kill the dog too. The owners were irresponsible and the dogs aggressive, the boy was in the wrong place at the wrong time-but that was not his fault.

A child should never have to fear for his life because of someones animal. I applaud the neighbors who rushed to help the child while the father dealt with the dog. I like Pit Bulls, but this is not about Pit Bulls, it is about an aggressive dog-one that in my opinion needs to be put down.

We can talk about and assume that the dog wasn't trained properly, it was chained all time, etc, etc (obviously the owners let it run free: the owner WATCHED her dog attack the child, just sat on the porch calling for her little dogs while her big ones were probably displaying signs of aggression towards the child before the attack).

But the point is these individual dogs were aggressive and dangerous. Show compassion for the child and his family instead of asking about what-ifs. The time for what-ifs is past, all we can do is hope that people will wake up and realize they need to be and ARE responsible for their dogs and what they do.
Praying the boy has a speedy recovery and that this attack does not leave him traumatized of dogs.hug

Savvy Savverson
Barked: Sat Aug 6, '11 5:27pm PST 
The black dog probably was a lab. Notice they are so quick to say "pitbull mix" but not "lab mix"

The dogs "reason" for attacking probably had something to do with the boy coming onto their territory.
they are likely just aggressive dogs. In most cases a dog will bite a kid sure, but not maul them to the point of tearing both ears off... overly aggressive imo.
they both need to be euthanized imo.
the owners are incredibly negligent. And need to be prosecuted. And should not be given the right to own dogs anymore. They HAD to know these dogs were aggressive to some extent. Who leaves their dogs loose in the yard while they arent home anyways, obviously they arent concerned with their dogs well being, and why on earth did they think it was okay to leave an in heat female loose in the neighborhood?

Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 9:54am PST 
5. "It's a state law to keep dogs confined or on a chain." Dogs kept on chains ARE more likely to bite.

Um, not really, no.

6. Dogs don't maul other people and tear their ears off for no reason. These dogs HAD to of been abused in some kind of way.

I disagree. The kid was delivering a package and walked onto their property plus the female was in heat. There can be a whole host of reasons for the dogs attacking him. You can't just claim abuse because the dogs attacked. Some dogs are wired wrong, some dogs are trained to be aggressive, some dogs are territorial, the other dog may have seen the other kid as a threat to the female in heat and attacked and the other dog joined in.

Having said that, it is a VERY sad story. That poor boy.frown These dogs were dangerous given the extent to which they attacked...ripping off the ears. That is a very serious attack.

Dangerous dogs with negligent owners creates serious problems.

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Sun Aug 7, '11 10:01am PST 
This made me tear up, that poor boy. Yes, the boy did walk onto the property, but the irresponsible owner should have had his dogs properly confined. A female dog in heat with a male dog also present biting a stranger entering the property does not surprise me at all, and wouldn't necessarily indicate abuse.

No doubt the "big black dog" was a Lab or mix. But that doesn't make good media stories, "pit bull attacks" does.

A dog left on a chain for days on end at a time, especially a high energy breed or under exercised dog I have no doubt is more likely to be aggressive. I've seen this enough times first hand with dogs in our old neighborhood. However, dogs that are properly exercised and don't spend hours on end on their chain/tether aren't really that much more likely to be aggressive.

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Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 8:48am PST 
They didn't have to be abused, neglected for sure...
Poorly socialized maybe? But in any case:
With the female being in heat she may have been "off" and the male protective of her.

It was a recipe for disaster and I hope the young people that owned the dogs pay DEARLY for their carelessness.

This is how breeds get banned! The careless act of these owners cause other, responsible owners to suffer!

Still even more- to learn.
Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 9:52am PST 
This is how certain breeds get a bad reputation. Uninformed,careless,or negligent owners. I'm so sorry for this child and what his family must be going through. This should not happen ever!!! People do need to be held responsible for their dogs actions.
I own Akita's another "bully breed" subject to bans,restrictions etc.. I have made it my job to see that they are well socialized,well behaved and a good example of what the breed can be. That is the job of every dog owner,no matter what the breed. I absolutely agree with you and well said. Mika,Kai&Mom
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Sat Aug 13, '11 9:53am PST 
Number six couldn't be further from the truth.

Whether dog lovers want to admit it or not (and I find that for some reason many of them choose not to), dogs can and often are born inherently aggressive. MANY dogs will and have attacked unprovoked regardless of training and upbringing. You can put a truly aggressive dog in the hands of a kind, caring, well knowledgeable person and if the dog is genetically aggressive, he will STILL come out of the situation aggressive. It is still, of course, not the dogs fault. It is a result of bad breeding more often than not as a reputable breeder would know not to pass on such genes. But regardless, there are inherently aggressive dogs. I've been attacked by unprovoked dogs and it's scarier than being attacked because you provoked the dog. Largely because you don't see it coming - they don't even give a warning, they just go for you. I didn't run past the dogs, I wasn't in their yard, I didn't make any sudden movements... in fact, I did everything by the text book and they still attacked. Dogs like that do exist. Whether this was the case for these dogs, we simply cannot say because we were not there.

And yeah, definitely a recipe for disaster. Female dogs in heat? Egads, I'm willing to bet that played a large part.

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Isabella- "Bella"

I love you. And- you. And you.- And you.
Barked: Sat Aug 20, '11 11:30am PST 
Huh. Wonder if they will ban labs now.

I love how they refer to the lab as a pit (sarcasm there!)

People need to wake up and see that all the stereotypes and profiling they ***thought*** they knew were true, are all in fact lies. Stirred up by the media to get a reaction and get their stories read.
Labs CAN be aggressive. So can any other dog, including Pits! Are Pits ANY MORE LIKELY to be aggressive? NO.

So come on people. Put thought into things before you destroy so many dogs based on a tower of LIES.

Blame the deed not the breed
So give a Pit Bull a try
before sentencing them all to

People, if you want dangerous dog laws, ban dangerous individual dogs, not breeds. Every dog is unique. DO NOT BAN PITS

My ACD is- tougher then- your [breed]
Barked: Sat Sep 24, '11 1:07pm PST 
I should not have to fear foe my dogs life BC of someone kid, if my dog so much as growls at someones kid, regardless of what the KID is doing to the DOG my dog will be deemed dangerous.
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