Neighbors dog on my property

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Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 6:32am PST 
Electric fences are inexpensive and great at keeping unwanted company off your property.

We had a problem with an overly friendly boxer once before the fence. We chased him off several Xs shooting a paintball gun into the air. Eventually we ended up shooting the dog with a paintball. (they sting) I don't know if the dog got the message or the owner didn't want their dog coming home with blue paint on him, but he stayed away.

Do check your laws. Where I grew up in northern CA, it was open range. Meaning that we were responsible to keep wondering animals off of our property. Good Fences make good neighbors.

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My husband shot at(and hit)the neighbors dog with a pellet gun from over 100' away while the dog was on our property. Since then she has requested and been denied a protection order against him and insisted that we pay the vet bills. Originally we agreed because the Sheriff gave us wrong information that this was our responsibility and we were in the wrong. We have since learned that we were not in the wrong. Up to this point, we have talked to them until we are blue in the face about their larger dog charging us in our yard and their small dogs(3)continually coming into our property, pooping and agitating our dogs. We also filed a complaint with animal control. They won't listen and won't put up a fence saying they cannot afford it; mind you they built this home in 2005, added a 250,000 addition in 2010. Now she has filed a retaliatory complaint with animal control claiming animal abuse and is taking us to court for a civil suit. Does anyone know WA state law about this? It is my understanding that if your animal is hurt on another's property, you are defending your property and if they refuse to put up a fence, regardless of the reason, then it is their problem. Thx!

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It was the dog coming home with paint on.In our old neighborhood we had several people who regularly allowed their dogs to run at large,we had a partially fenced yard and a very well trained dog who knew and stayed within her own boundries. She tended to be a bit DA when it came to other dogs in her yard. We repeatedly asked the owners of several of them to please keep them under control to avoid a problem,they refused to listen,EVER! My stepsons were heavily into paintball at the time along with their friends so we decided that since the worst that could happen to the dogs was it would sting a bit if hit,we would try the paintball gun.When these dogs started going home on a fairly regular basis with paint on them,even when missed it will splatter nicely,we stopped seeing so many of them. I then happened to hear one of the regular offenders say something to another neighbor that they had to keep their dog inside their fence because the kids in the neighborhood with paintball guns were shooting at them and they were tired of cleaning up the mess. There were so many kids in the neighborhood that had paintball guns they never knew for sure who did it,and we did allow the kids to practice in the yard so we always had multiple colors of paint on the lawn.

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Love it M&K way to golaugh out loud Sometimes density is so thick! naughty

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I live in town and several of my neighbors let their dogs run around the neighborhood. I'm constantly chasing dogs out of my yard. Drives me nuts. Pretty much every neighbor around me does it. The only bright spot is my toy poodle helps me with one of them. He chases the pit bull puppy that lives across the street from us to the edge of our yard.
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