Does a 'beware of dog' sign lessen liabilities?

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 7:45am PST 
OK, so i was searching the internet and came across a state that if you had a "beware of dog" sign posted on your fence, and someone climbed your fence-came through the gate, and your dog happened to bite them , that you would not be held responsible since you posted a warning.

I live in Ohio and I don't know if this is true or who to contact in my city to find out if this is true. My mom doesn't really want me to call the insurance company and ask--because then they would likely raise our insurance.

Boo is going through training to help his aggression and we will be getting a fence in a few weeks and we have neighbor kids who have no sense of boundaries.

These kids walk through our yard daily and have even walked into our house unannounced. They walk up to our back patio daily and such.

The gates of the fence will be locked, but I have no doubts that they will try to climb the fence or figure out the combination locks.

I do not think we should be responsible if they were to be bitten or even playfully tackled by one of our four dogs. It is OUR yard and OUR dogs should be able to play in it.

I would like to know if this is a real "law" and or who I should contact in my city--sheriff, court house.. etc..

Thank yousmile

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 8:48am PST 
Actually, in some places, it increases your liability (and homeowners insurance rates) because the posting of the sign indicates that you harbor a known vicious animal on premises.

Caution is advised.

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 9:45am PST 
Boo. I live in Ohio, too. Our Vet just told us last year that a "Beware Of Dog" sign is trouble.

For one, you know your dog is dangerous and you didn't take preventive measures to ensure no one broke into your yard. For two, there are people just itching for a free buck and will enter a yard and deliberately provoke a dog. In sort, the sign is exhibit one.

Do you also know? In Ohio, if your dog bites or scratches someone and it is reported, and you are just one day late on shots ... it is automatic PTS. The sheriff will come to your door with a warrant and take your dog.


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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 10:24am PST 
ugh. we plan on locking the gates and Boo starts professional training this week to work on the aggressioj

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 10:31am PST 
Dakota is absolutely right, you are better off having one of those signs like they make for the fire rescue crew which states there is a dog on premises so they know to look for it and save it in case of fire, or a sign just stating "trained K9 on premises" or "dog on board" or putting barbed wire strands or an electric strand up to keep people from climbing over.

Here's an example - With "no trespassing," because you can't be sure where an intruder will gain entry, you can't guarrantee the sign would be seen. Also, you can't be sure the intruder is literate, intellectually unchallenged, drug or alcohol free, not dislexic, old enough to be able to read, knows what the word "beware" means, knows english, etc. You have to verbally ask someone to leave before they can be charged with trespassing, and you have to be able to prove, beyond your word against theirs, that you did. "Beware of Dog" is no guarrantee for all the same reasons. Not only that, it is stating that your dog is of a character that people should "beware" of it ...and the fact that you posted it proves you are aware of this. In light of that, you would be expected to take greater care to keep the dog in and others out.

You would get farther with a "skunk on premises" or "bees on premises" sign, but I wouldn't count on that even. It would only be as good as your ability to keep up the pretense or the odds some kid won't be just daring, or idiot, enough to ignore it.

When I was growing up, there was a Saint Bernard which, who knows how much truth there actually was to this, but, rumor had it could and would take a chunk out of any kid who got close enough for him to get a hold of. We used to gather around where he was chained and, one by one, the bravest of the lot of us would venture in closer and closer on dares. Sometimes, if he was asleep, the most daring kids of all would run as fast as they could right past him. When I think of the idiot things we did for entertainment as kids, I'm amazed any of us, myself included, are still around to tell the stories. The point ...never trust a child (esp. a bored one) to do the smart thing, even when they know the odds.

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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 11:04am PST 
hate to say it, but "my dog should have the right to run around in my yard" only applies if you can guarantee your dog will behave responsibly.

it's rather like saying "my 18mo old should be allowed to run around" - you wouldn't let a toddler out of doors unless she was supervised, right?

the fact that it's your property doesn't protect you from idiots and gone are the days when you were morally and legally expected to unload a round of buckshot at intruders.

Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 11:31am PST 
hahaha buckshot.. dang.

we wouldn't leave them out if we weren't there, but we aren't going to watch them every minute they are out there.

We won't put a sign up, I just think it is ridiculous that we would be held responsible for the situation if someone climbed OUR fence into a yard of 4 large breed, barking dogs and was injured.

Even if Boo didn't have aggression problems, all of our dogs are bouncy and big and are a lot to handle for short people or kids--they could easily get knocked down and hurt unintentionally.

Maybe just because I don't like that these kids tromp through our yard daily, but we would fight any legal action because if I were trying to climb over a fence for some reason and 4 dogs ran up to the fence barking, I would reconsider climbing over.

Sorry-i guess i needed to vent a little about my 8 and 10 year old neighbors hahalaugh out loud

Thanks for letting me know about the sign!!
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Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 12:18pm PST 
I like the ordinance in my city, if someone comes on your property.....well they're dog meat. It doesn't matter if your dog is aggressive, now that's with a fenced yard. We are not allowed to tether or leave the house if the dog is outside, the owner must be present when the dog is tethered or not. I have a beware of dog sign but for reasons I'll explain below, I don't want anyone coming over my fence when any of my dogs are out.

I live behind a city park and you can't count the number of times someone has jumped my fence, let alone the number of times the neighbors were robbed before they finally put a fence up. For instance, on summer evening the police were called for a disturbance at the park, the kids all hauled butt, barreling over MY fence. I let all 4 of the dogs out, they then had to go back over the fence, where the police were waiting for them. The cop thanked me.big laugh

Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 12:40pm PST 
Get a sign like mine. It simply says "dog on premises". Its not doing anything but alerting there is one there. Doesn't increase your liability like the beware signs do..... but because they were warned there was a dog there it at least helps you a little.

But the best way is simply not leaving the dog unattended outside. shrug Its what we do (even though our dogs aren't going to hurt anyone, they are never left outside by themselves)

Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 1:57pm PST 
As to pose no liability I do not have this type of sign. But I do have on both front and back door.

Please Rescue Pets in Emergency.

This not only lets one know the presence of a dog or cat but warns firemen and or police that there is an animal to be saved as well.

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