BSL in Indiana

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Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 4:28am PST 
So i got to searching around for any BSL in Indiana, so far only Breed specific laws i can find are only in regards to pigs and the hormone doped ones at that... anyone know if Indiana actually has any BSL's in effect?
I live in Randolph county, and the closest thing to BSL they have is a mandatory rabies vaccine and tags on your dogs, heck we dont even have leash laws in the town i live lol
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I don't know how updated this list it but you could contact them to find out. You could also call your council / municiaplities etc. Make sure you get it in writting though. NEVER TAKE THEIR WORD ON IT. Here is Indiana

http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/Locations/indiana.ht m