Puppy Mill shut down in Upstate NY!!!

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Hello all.... this was in Friday's edition of "The Post Star", a newspaper that covers saratoga, warren and washington counties in Upstate NY.

"SPCA seizes 31 animals"

Granville Woman faces charges of neglect.

State Police and the SPCA of Upstate NY seized 31 animals, including 27 rare, purebred dogs, from a Cary Road home Wednesday night, officials said.

The home's owner Maria J. Hurd, 57, was charged with the misdemeanor of failure to provide sustenance to animals after the dogs, 3 tropical birds, and a cat were removed from the home, state police said.

The dogs were chinese crested and powder puff cresteds, an unusual, almost hairless type of dog the Hurd was apparently breeding, officials said.

None had been euthanized as of Thursday, but Cathy Cloutier, director of the SPCA said "there are a couple I have concerns about". A veterinarian was to check them out later Thursday.

Cloutier said Hurd had signed away ownership of 17 of the dogs, but wanted to keep six mature dogs, four puppies and one of the birds.

The unsanitary conditions prompted Granville's code enforcement officer to condemn the 56 Cary road house pending a thorough cleaning. State Police said animal feces were found throughout the home, and dogs were living in crates stacked upon one another.

Many of the dogs had sores from numerous flea bites and sores from scratching and biting themselves, has feces matted in their fur, and were missing teeth, police said.

A neighbor's complaint to town officials about possible animal abuse prompted Granville's dog control officer to visit the home, officials said.

This just goes to show you how one person can make a HUGE difference in the life of a puppy mill dog!!! Thanks to a neighbor this crazed woman will hopefully be prosecuted, and justice will win. May she NEVER own another animal AGAIN. EVER. It people like that, that make my blood boil!!

SPREAD the word! YOU too can help fight and STOP puppy mills!!!

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Licks, Treats, and all kinds of goods for that SPCA and their helpers!!!

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Yeah, this is really good news!!!

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Yay! That's great! Poor dogs, I hope that they all go to good homes.
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That's great that they were seized. I hope she does not get to keep any of the animals.

One thing I do have to correct about that article, though. Chinese crested loose their teeth early in age. By age 4, alot would have lost all their teeth. So, the fact that there were toothless dogs, does not mean anything regarding this particular breed.

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Kieko is correct about the teeth for the hairless variety the puffs have all their teeth. I have only my front teeth and tusks and only 1 tooth top and bottom both sides in the back and that's it. And yep between 2 and 4 years old or so I'll probaly lose the rest. I hope not but most likely!
Glad they shut down the puppymill though, those places are so horrible, those poor dogs :-(
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It would TOTALLY and COMPLETELY disgust me if they allowed her to even have ONE of those animals!!! I personally think she should NEVER be allowed to own a pet EVER AGAIN. Things like this, people like her INFURIATE me! It is NOT right to the animals.... how bout we put her in a crate for years and see how SHE likes it!!


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We are so glad that this was discovered and dealt with. After learning of the conditions these dogs were living in, my wife and I are so glad we were able to save at least one Crested from these conditions.

We purchased a hairless Crested from Hurd in 2002, traveling to South Glens Falls to meet her. Sophie Jean added so much to our lives and my wife loved to make her the clothes necessary to keep her warm. We lost Sophie Jean just last week to what most likely was cancer but she was an absolute joy in our lives for 12 years and will be missed terribly.

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That makes my day. I hope EVERY puppy mill will have the same fate!laugh out loud