This made me sad/angry

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i'm not- spoiled...i'm- loved.
Barked: Sun Dec 18, '05 6:38pm PST 
I hope this is posted in an appropriate area...

Today I was in the mall and we stopped in a pet store to get my tortoise a new heat light and they had TONS of puppies there which immediately made me sad. They had two walls of those glass cage things that had 3-4 puppies in each.

Next to one of the cages (I will just say cages for lack of a better word...my mind is blah right now) they had a sign that read something similar to this...

"I am very smart and loving. I do very well with children and I love people. What am I?"

and then in small writing below it said...

"I'm a registered Bull Mastiff
tricked you...I'm not a pitbull."

I got so sad and angry at the same time reading that. Almost as if they thought people would be scared or not buy the puppy if it was a pitbull (not that anybody should be buying puppies from pet shops anyway but still). They didn't have signs next to any of the other dogs...only the one that looked like a pit.

Am I the only one that read this like they were telling you that pitbulls aren't loving and good with children and families etc? Do you think I read the sign wrong?

Naked Noid
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '05 10:41am PST 
It's so sad that even today with all the media attention that there is out there now that Pet stores are still able to sell puppies!
I hope for the day to come when people realize where "most" of those puppies come from and don't buy from pet stores!
Now I am sorry to the people who say that those pups deserve a home and I know that they would most likely be destroyed if no one bought them but I don't see any other way of stopping puppymills other than stopping the demand for petshop puppies! It doesn't look as if any time soon there will be any laws to stop pet stores from selling pets so just what can be done, it is so frustrating!

And on the pit bull note, I would have taken offense to that sign as well. Personally I would have made a complaint to the manager and owner of that store regarding both issues and taken my business elsewhere! I won't shop at petstores that sell puppies to begin with anyways!

And anyone reading this who has a petshop pup I don't mean to offend, I know that you all love you dogs! I just don't want ANY dogs or cats to suffer!