Help! The area I live in is aweful when it comes to animals!

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Barked: Fri Nov 4, '05 8:50am PST 
Hi everyone,

I need advice. I live in an area where people are constantly getting animals and mistreating them. I have taken over 25 dogs to the pound within the year and have fostered and adopted more than 12. My problem is that our neighboors get these dogs, let them have puppies, strave them, not take them to the vet and leave them outside. So I pick up as many as I can, but everytime that I pick some up, they go and get new ones. My motto has always been if you cant treat them right dont have them and put yourself in that animals shoes. My local humane society says they do not have jurisdiction on our area so I am the one left to bring them in only so they can get more. Once the humane society actually did come out but they did nothing because they said as long as the dogs had a bowl of food and water they are fine, but they did not look at the dogs. These dogs have mange, fleas, ticks (I try to pull the ticks out and can find anywhere from 10-20 ticks a week on a dog), broken bones, one had a eye shot out, open wounds and God knows what else. One of the nerighboors moved out and left three dogs! I am so sick of this and it seems like no one cares or wants to do anything. What should I do?