"Pit" kills 3 year old

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Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 9:37am PST 
I'd been debating weather to bring up the Nicholas Fairbish case (the case of the 12 yo killed b/c of his parent's stupidity). I believe she is being tried for his death, but I don't remember what with.

George, that legislation you talked about is actually very very bad legiltaion. On the surface of things it sounds great. It would require all pit bulls in SF to be spayed and neutered and if you don't want to you have to register specially to breed or show your dog. That sounds like a great idea and it really would help lower the numbers of pit bulls in the shelters.

But if you look closer, you will see a problem. Only pit bulls are targeted. California used to have a law banning BSL but to pass this law they had to amend that so that CA now allows BSL. So today we have required spay/neuter of pits, tomorrow we have them banned from certain public areas, then they will be required to wear muzzles, then eventually they may even be banned alltogether. There is no such thing as separate but equal as we have proven in this country with the Jim Crow laws. It is not equal treatment to have laws applying to only certain breeds. I have explained this aspect in more detail in another thread in this section about one senator asking for this bill to ban pit bulls from walking on the sidewalk.

And even scarier, the law actually says in it that breed specific spay neuter programs are allowed and that when a municipality is trying to decide which breeds they should spay/neuter they should take into consideration which breeds are most representative in the shelter and have had the most dog bites in the last few years. So say that pits are banned. Labs are very popular breed of dog. Say that they then become the most common dog in the shelter. Since there are more of them, there will probably be more dog bites attributed to them. So then are we going to ban labs next? It just doesn't make sense. Eventually all dogs will be banned it seems!

Any legislation that targets a certain breed of dog, race of person etc. is not good legislation in my opinion and I hope that others eventually will see it the same way.

I'd also like to say that I belive a mandatory spay/neuter program for all dogs would be totally awesome (with allowences for reputable breeders and show dogs of course). I would support that legislation 100%.

I, too, have come a long way in my pit acceptingness. When I first got Sabrina when people asked her breed I'd say she's a Weim mix or Weim/boxer. Then I switched to Weim/pit. Now when they ask my I proudly say shes half pit bull and half Weim. It's amazing how some people who were petting and loving on her jump back like she's going to bite them as soon as I say that. But I try to educate them... hopefully it works.
Paris- (1991-2007)

I Get By With A- Little Help...
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 2:45pm PST 

Can I have some?
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 6:09pm PST 
If you look at the Pit it doesn't look that good at all. It looks like it's in a horrible condition, but thats in the picture. The kid shouldn't have been left with the pitbulls anyway. A baby? Probably was pulling on it's ears and annoying them. They put that Pit to sleep and they just murder someone who was trying to protect its dog family.

Sasha (5/89 - 3/04)

A hard act to- follow!
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 8:51pm PST 
Just found out that Bentonville, Arkansas is drafting an ordinance to ban the breed from their city, too. At least they're going to grandfather in existing dogs if the owners meet certain (reasonable) criteria.

Still unfortunate.

BTW, I was at PetSmart with 2 of my Dobies and a little girl around 5 yrs old came up and was petting them. When her parents turned around, they turned completely white and grabbed her away from them. I told them it was ok and the child was upset at being pulled away. They let her return to petting and hugging my girls and were very surprised. On the other hand, I was recently at Petco with my male and a kid in a shopping cart (way too big for the cart) started teasing Brighton. I thought a dirty look might get his attention when I saw that his mother wasn't going to do anything. That didn't work, so I told him that it wasn't nice to tease strange dogs and it could lead to getting bitten. He clammed up and his mother looked as if she wanted to say something in return, but didn't. I didn't want to give the perception that my dog would bite, but that type of behavior could provoke an unfamiliar dog. Some folks don't get it.
♥- Dutchess

love me, pet me,- don't ban me!
Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 11:08pm PST 
BSL and breed banning disgusts me, the whole topic just makes me sooo mad!

I don't understand how people can be so ignorant, i feel sorry for them

and Sasha i totally agree with what you did, parents need to take responsibility for their kids.

if i want it,- it's mine
Barked: Tue Oct 11, '05 11:46am PST 
Go Sasha's Mom!! i don't like it when little kids go up to Any dog they don't know without asking first(easiest way to get bitten) and i hate when they start pulling on Diesel's ears and such. Diesel is such a momma's boy but he Loves kids(thinks they're puppies like him) and wants to play so bad. but if the kid comes up to pet him with out asking me or me seeing them then he has a tendancy to jump and knock them over(he tackles my 5 year old nephew all the time) and might accidentally hirt them.
Billie (Rest in Peace)

Personality of a- Dane, appetite- of a Lab
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 5:35am PST 
There was just a dog mauling in Denver a few days ago...but it was an Antolin Shepherd....Here's how I feel - the media is totally hyper when it comes to dog attacks. Instead of using them as a catalyst to educate the public they miscategorize dogs as "pit bills" or print non truthful accounts of attacks. Auntie has a friend whose grandfather is dead, he was bit by a pit bull which caused him to have a heart attack (he was older) which killed him. The newspaper article said he was killed by a pit but Auntie's friend always says he's afraid of pits because his grandfather "had a heart attack after being bitten by a dog".

And when did pit bull become an adjective for a vicious dog anyways? When Harriet Miers was first nominated to the Supreme Court msnbc.com had a huge headling that said she was "a pit bull in size 6 shoes". That made Auntie mad. Pits have a bad rep to the general public as is, there is no need to bring there name into discussions which they really have no reason to be in.
Morgan Anna- Maria- Bridge Ange

Have tiara, will- party!
Barked: Wed Oct 12, '05 7:04am PST 
Have to say, this isn't the fault of the dog here. Sounds like the humans were 99% or more of the problem, with irresponsible actions and general bad care probably to blame. Unfortunately, it's always the dogs who have to suffer when we do stupid things like were done here. Certainly, there are some breeds that historically tend more towards incidents like occurred here, but I'm fairly certain that the BLAME for that fact is still on the humans. We humans initially bred dogs for fighting. Some still encourage these dogs to fight, and often breed them to be as feisty as possible. Those who still want fighting dogs (and irresponsible owners generally) treat them very badly, in many cases. It is these relatively few people who have caused the undeserved reputation that some dogs have received. Because of them, those who are responsible owners of these sweet dogs are left to wonder how some people believe their dogs aren't sweet as those who know the dogs know they are. It's SO sad that a few bad apples have spoiled life (and ended many lives) for so many. Bad Dogs? More like, bad humans!

Now- I do sympathize with families who have lost loved ones to vicious dogs, and I can even understand why some believe BSL might be a good solution to the problem of dog bites. However, it won't solve the problem in the long run, which is irresponsible owners and breeders, not the dogs themselves. Therefore, I can't imagine forcing those who are being responsible to pay the price for those who aren't, which is what BSL does, in a nutshell.

FYI- Has anyone read the Modern Dog article from Summer '05 (I think- could be Spring) called "Devil Dogs"? Pretty interesting take on this issue. Scary, too. Makes you think about how you'll deal with it when your breed is among the "chosen" for BSL advocates. And it might well happen, especially for large breeds.
Jen and Morg
Riley - In Loving- Memory

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Barked: Thu Oct 20, '05 3:09am PST 
I just want to point out that in one of my mommy's college classes, there is a lady in a wheelchair who has a helper dog who is a pit bull named Coco, and she's incredibly sweet. I don't think they would have pit bulls be trained to assist people if they were so "vicious".
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