Rescued Puppy~ Best way to fatten up?

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Barked: Sun Sep 25, '05 1:41pm PST 
We adopted this guy last week and he is eating regularly and gaining weight but he is still very underweight. His hip bones stick out... and the vet said he was underweight. What is the best way to quickly get him back up to what he should weigh? He was very sick and neglected before we got him.

We currently feed him iams puppy for big dog breeds (We don't know what breed he is, but he is big!) We also give him limited human food (chicken breast mainly) and meaty bone and pedigree dog treats.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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Barked: Sun Sep 25, '05 2:56pm PST 
Don't try to fatten him up too quickly. Lucy was very underweight when we got her and it took us about 7 or eight months before she was healthy and at a good weight. It's like humans- when we put on too much weight too quickly it's bad.

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Yup. Too much too fast will probably backfire (yuck - maybe literally!) on you. Take it easy and get him up to an ideal weight at his own pace. Being a little bit underweight is actually better than being overweight, and that goes for the rest of his life. Proper excercize and eating habits will get him healthy in no time, assuming there aren't any larger issues at hand.


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Barked: Mon Sep 26, '05 3:38am PST 
I watch a lot of the Animal Planet shows- Animal Cops, Animal Precinct, etc. Whenever they get an emaciated dog, they feed it a lot of small meals throughout the day, so the dogs don't gorge themselves and get sick. A little at at time.

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The others gave good advice...he is already fattening up, so just give him some time and he should gradually get to a normal weight. There are some extras you can add though to help him, if he doesn`t have a problem with eating them:

`Satin Balls` are probably the best known supplement, which a lot of rescues use. You have to make them yourself, but it doesn`t really involve much cooking and you can freeze them in large batches. For a puppy, you can just give a few a day as a treat, but they are also a great supplement and add to the coat, etc. Don`t overfeed, they can put weight on FAST!! Here`s a link to the recipe if you are interested (I cut the recipe in half usually):
http://www.holisticdog.org/Nutrition/Satinballs/satinball s.html

If you don`t want to do that, you can continue adding various quality protein sources to his food. Things like cottage cheese, egg, a bit of tinned fish, healthy meat scraps, etc. are all fine, assuming you feed things in moderation of course. I know this is my personal opinion, but I would ditch the Pedigree treats...they are pretty nasty..mostly corn, animal by-products and chemicals. Yucko!
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Barked: Mon Sep 26, '05 8:19am PST 
Thank you. I will follow all of your advice! I will continue to feed him regularly and am going to make him some Satin Balls I believe they were called. I will give him these limitedly to help him get all the nutrients he has been missing. Also, after I bought him a few kinds of treats on the first night we got him, I read the ingredients! Yuck! Mostly grains for both the pedigree AND the meaty bones! I give these sparingly and will not purchase them again. Although he loved the pedigree treats which have eucalyptus for good breath smile He is definitely eating well, so I will let him gain at his own slow rate. Thanks!
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Don't forget the exercise in addition to the feeding like otherdogs have posted. That way he'll build up his muscles instead of putting on fat.

Smoke, pumpin' iron to build up his muscles since his surgery