My dog ate advil

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Barked: Sun Aug 17, '14 12:37am PST 
My dog Zoey got into a bottle of tylenol, I'm not sure how many she ate but there weren't too many left on the floor. She started puking shortly after, which is when I realized what had happened and found the pills and bottle on the floor. We got her to the vet right away and she's going through treatment. I love this dog more than anything in the world, and I'd really appreciate all the prayers I can get her way.

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Barked: Sun Aug 24, '14 6:43am PST 
So sorry to hear that Zoey ate some Advil. Dogs do have a tendency to be snoopy in regards to items left around that we think they will not get in to. Taking her to the vet was the right thing to do and I pray that she will be okay. Pets are such great companions so I hope she makes a fast recovery. Let us know how it is going.