Facial Paralysis Help?

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My 10 year old mixed breed has recently been diagnosed with facial paralysis. It's been a few days since the diagnosis, and in the last day or so has been experiencing some nausea, her head is beginning to tilt and she has an unsteady walk. The paralysis affects one side only so far, and has resulted in the usual ear droop, excessive drooling and inability to blink her eye. She is being given eye drops for some relief. The vet noted a mass on her eardrum and she will be getting a CT scan tomorrow to see exactly the size of it. I was just hoping for any advice from anyone who has knowledge on this condition. It breaks my heart to see her so disoriented, and so if there's any suggestions on how to help her deal with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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I have been through something similar, but the diagnosis was different. I was diagnosed with bells palsy after having paralysis on the right side of my face. I couldn't blink, right side of my mouth drooped when I panted, I drooled a little, and neuro tests (poking, hand to eye tests) showed paralysis.

Really three things it could be: an inner middle ear infection, a tumor/mass, or idiopathic, which in my case would mean bells palsy. I had a neurologist confirm that diagnosis.

I never had any unsteadiness or dizziness though. I get the feeling based on what you said that it's related to the mass you have in your ear canal. It could certainly affect what's going on. I hope it's something they can remove. Good luck to you and I'm thinking of you!

I have heard that some dogs do easier when they are able to eat/drink with their heads raised and not down. So you can put something under the bowls so that he doesn't have to lower his head that might make him feel a little more comfortable too.

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Any updates? hug

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I was wondering too Kali frown