9 Teeth Extraction

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Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 2:14pm PST 
My Chihuahua got 9 teeth extraction yesterday. The Vet was wonderful and explained everything but actually seeing my dog in pain, discomfort and maybe hating me makes me feels so horrible. Is tooth extraction on a dog worth it? Has anyone had their dogs tooth extracted? Recovery time? ( my friends/family says i should not have gotten the extractions ) sigh. Would like to know others have gone through this too. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section.
Jewel, PCD

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Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 2:18pm PST 
It all depends why they were extracted. Jewel had a few removed due to crowding, the vet said taking out a couple would help prevent plaque from building up. He did it at the same time as a cleaning and I just gave her a first meal of all soft food then soft food and a bit of kibble and built back up over 3 days.

ETA- Recovery time can depend on WHAT teeth were extracted, I had a foster that had to have one of his canine teeth removed and he had to be on soft food for two weeks!! A canine leaves a larger hole that they cover with a flap of skin and a stitch, if food had pirced that covering he could have gotten an infection and needed more surgery. I soaked his kibble for a couple hours into a mush before feeding him.

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