Hip Displasia???

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Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 8:03pm PST 
I have a 1.5 yer old bullmastiff who may or may not be showing signs of hip problems and I was wanting some advice... Whenever he lays on his side (either one) for an extended period of time, upon standing up he always seems to have a limp. Now, is it just that because I his size that his legs just fall asleep or is this something to be concerned about? He walks about 40 mins to an hour a day, goes to weight pulling once a week and gets a little bit of glucosamine/msm/condroitin every so often because I know mastiffs are prone to hip problems. Any suggestions??

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An aside, after he stands up and starts to limp it goes away within a couple minutes and its ONLY when he lays down for an extended period of time...

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Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 10:16pm PST 
My German Shepherd was just diagnosed with hip displasia. I've noticed he uses the front part of his body to lift himself up after laying down and doesn't put much pressure on the back legs.
I think I may have seen him limp a bit after laying down for a while. I'm not positive cause he just walks oddly in general.
Have you heard any cracking in his hips? When he lies down, does he plop down fast onto the floor as he's going to lay down?
Also, another sign is an unstable backend, very shakey.


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Barked: Sun Jun 23, '13 8:09am PST 
Koby has HD in both hips. He is in constant pain and is very weak in the back end. He can't jump, run, lift his leg or pull anything. He growls at his hips a lot and has to be muzzled when we brush his rear. He can't walk more than 1/2 hour without getting wobbly. With that said, Kali's legs fall a sleep when she lays for a long time and will limp until she gets the feeling back. I don't think that if Dozer had HD that he would be able to pull things. If you continue to suspect that it is HD, then I would get him evaluated. At least then if he had the beginning stages, then you can start controlling the pain. Good Luck!

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Barked: Thu Jun 27, '13 7:09am PST 
I would recommend getting x-rays to confirm if it is hip displasia. I was concern as Willy starting having trouble getting up after laying down for a while and would limp. Eventually it stops after walking around. I took him to the vet and was recommended Metacam (painkiller). I insisted on seeing my regular vet where it was found he had torn a muscle in his leg. X-rays showed his hips were excellent! Just last week Willy had TPLO surgery for his knee and is now expecting 100% recovery since we caught it early.
My German Shepherd, Kira, stopped eating so I thought there was a tooth problem and it turned out to be ALL (leukemia) which was devastating. It is so easy to misdiagnose symptoms in our dogs so a vet visit helps to find out what is wrong.

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You have to give Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM everyday for it to have an effect.

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My dog, Kamala, suffers from hip dysplasia. It's because her former owners allowed her to grow too fast when she was a puppy. Kamala is on Royal Canin and gets 1/2 Royal Canin and 1/2 vegetables (carrots, broccoli, celery, green beans, spinach and pumpkin). She also gets primrose oil and glucosamine in her food. I perform massage on her twice a day (upon waking and before going to bed) and all this has seemed to help a lot.