Help sores on the feet of a spaniel

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Hi all

New to the forum but having a bit of an issue, i have a springer spaniel aged 7 years old. Every year around this time she develops sores on the top of her feet they seem to be itchy she licks them continually and eats at the sores by nibbling with her front teeth causing bleeding and then forms scabs which she then cant leave alone. i have spent a clean fortune over the years on medication by the vet and tests but nothing seems to work she was most recently on Atropica 100mg for the vet but nothing seems to work or calm it down. cry

Has anyone any idea what this could be or advice as to what I could get for her medical wise.

Here is a pic of one of her rear paws at the min

http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l206/rmason2005/image_zps3811c 3d7.jpg

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My neighbor's Westie gets seasonal allergies this time every year. She went through the same process as you to figure out the cause. She has him on some kind of steroids just for this time of the year. Hope that helps. Good Luck!

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benedryl, change to a grain free food and put boots on. the dog is probably allergic to grass or the mold that grows on the grass.Since you haven't been able to find out the cause the only way is to reduce the contact points. Boots protect the dog's feet from the environment, grain free food, grains are grass and grain that is being used in food this year is notoriously high in aflatoxin due to last year's drought, and benedryl is a 1st gen antihistimine that is cheap and available over the counter that is safe for dogs and makes them a bit tired. sleeping dogs don't lick their paws.

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I too think that could be due to allergy. Keep your house and environment clean. Yes molds on the grass too can cause itching to dogs so you should be careful.

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Yep..def allergies...welcome to the club

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Thats definitelly allegie issue. frown