Caval Syndrome?

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Barked: Thu May 16, '13 9:25am PST 
My chiweenie threw up, lost control of her bowels, was unresponsive and her tongue turned pale 2 nights ago. I called my vet, he said it sounded like she was in shock and to give her syrup. She responded to the syrup, but still is not the same. We took her to him yesterday morning, he said her vitals were normal, but to keep an eye on her. If she didn't return to normal, he would give her a steroid. She has not been eating well the last few weeks and has lost 2 pounds in a month. She also seems to be taking short, rapid breaths. Her ears are cold, and her belly is turning darker than normal. She is positive for heartworms, although he said he doesn't believe she is infested. We started her on heartgard April 12th, and gave her the second dose May 10th. I've been reading about Caval Syndrome and am wondering if this could be possible, and if so, how to suggest it up to my vet... I mean after all, he is the Dr...
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I would take her to a different vet first thing in the morning. How can she be heartworm positive and not have heartworms? Does that make sense to you? Not all vets are created equal. Please take her to a different vet first thing in the morning. Good Luck!
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Barked: Thu May 16, '13 9:53pm PST 
Has your current Vet done any blood work???? Any chest xrays? Anything besides suggest he give her a steriod injection? What is the steriod for??? What is he trying to treat, without diagnostics how can he know what is going on? Sounds like what he told you to "give her syrup" he was thinking she was hypoglycemia which can certainly cause big problems. Has she been tested for diabetes?
I have to agree with Kali, I would seek a second opinion right away. With the wt loss, vomiting, lethargic and not eating I would not wait another day nor would I consider giving my dog a steriod injection unless he absolutely knows what he is treating.
Best wishes, I do hope Lulu feels better soon.


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Barked: Thu May 16, '13 10:25pm PST 
Could it be related to Wolbachia bacteria infecting the heartworms? Is Doxycycline (or a suitable substitute) being given to kill the bacteria?