My Buddy won't stop chewing on his dewclaws

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Barked: Tue May 14, '13 11:18pm PST 
My dog Buddy has recently started chewing and pulling his dewclaws with his teeth. He does it on both his front and back legs. I can tell that they are attached just by skin and not to his bone. He is a little over 2 years old. I'm so afraid he's going to rip one off. frown
How hard is surgery on a dog and how much does it usually cost?
He weighs about 55lbs.


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Barked: Wed May 15, '13 3:46am PST 
I can't speak to surgery, I'll leave that to someone else.

My dog has all 4 dew claws, and they are very lightly attached. He chews the ones in front and keeps them better trimmed than I would; I am always scared to trim the ones in back which grow into Fu Manchu circle claws very rapidly. I would not stop my dog trimming his - it's a bonus for us.

Is your dog actually hurting himself?
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Barked: Sun May 19, '13 2:25am PST 
Could be a sign of food and/or environmental allergies; does he have any other symptoms?

I know when my Kip was on a protein source he was allergic to, he was chewing his dew claws frequently- nearly down to the very nub! AND he was losing his hair. Since we switched to a different protein source/raw, he doesn't chew on his dewclaws or paws at all (and all of his fur is back and better than ever)! big grin