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Barked: Tue May 14, '13 11:56am PST 
So while I was waiting for the store to open I popped into the vet clinic next door, just on a hunch. I had stopped taking Shadow there after the one vet slapped her and then gave her both vaccines. I had just explained to her that I didn't want the rabies done at the same time as the combo.
Anyway, they work with a ton of the local rescues, so odd dogs are not such a big deal to them. The lady was very nice and listened to what I said. They have rescinded the demand that Shadow be vaccinated before being spayed but will instead pull titres to verify her immunity for me. They have no issues with handling her and will have the tech spend some time with her beforehand so Shadow knows her. They can assign one individual tech to remain with her the whole time, or at least before and after so it isn't a whole mess of new people for her to process. And the estimate, including all my precautions and a tattoo, comes in just shy of $700. cheer
I am thrilled. This is much better then Sabs vet, who refused to spay Shadow unless I took the day off to stay at the clinic so they didn't need to handle her at all and were more expensive.
As long as they can guarantee that the vet who slapped her won't be there I can schedule her blood work right away. Since she is such a snaky little girl, I think she should be sedated for the blood work. They seem to feel that won't be necessary. I am concerned about a broken needle, they say that isn't a concern at all. Any of you dealt with this? I have had dogs sedated in the past for blood work and I don't understand why they are hesitant if I am willing to pay for it.
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I always say, if the vet doesn't respect your wishes, especially with as much experience you have, then you should look for another vet. With that said, since you found a place that will respect most of your wishes, I would insist on the sedation, if that's how you want it done. My vet is very accommodating with anything I want done and how. I am very happy with the way they do things. If only all vets were like that. I hope your new vet handles her the way you want and everything turns out great. Keep us posted. Good Luck with her and your new vet/.
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Shadow, shouldn't be a problem for bloodwork... you can be there to reassure her, and unlike most humans, blood comes quickly out of a dog's vein and they don't need all that much!
I've held some pretty squirrely dogs for routine blood work and never had any issues at all with broken needles or even blown veins. It's not a difficult positioning issue...the dog just sits there and they hold a front leg and that is it. It is going to be just as stressful to give the sedation for the process, IMO.


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Thanks for the input. I guess we can try it and see how she does.

I just hope it all goes well. I had a big guy years ago break a needle so maybe I'm just cautious. Toto I appreciate the reassurance. It helps to have someone with your experience tell me it's ok. And I really want her spayed, I'm not so worried about pregnancy just she's one of those bitches that gets really snarky when she's in heat. With all her other quirks it's one less thing to worry about.