Idiots in the California Legislature are trying to kill our puppies.

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This bill (AB 272) seeks to lower the age of rabies vaccination from 4 months to 12 weeks under the guise of "protecting the public".

There are numerous issues with this, the most important being that vaccines don't take while a puppy still has maternal antibodies from its mother. Some puppies keep these antibodies until sixteen weeks and a small percentage beyond that, so any puppy vaccinated at 12 weeks who still had maternal antibodies would be unprotected from Rabies. So much for protecting the public....

Secondly, our puppies are already going through the parvo/distemper vaccine series at that age. Their immune systems are still fairly immature at that age and are more likely to react to vaccines. These idiots are trying to tell us we need to further compromise our puppy's immune system with an additional Rabies vaccine that provides very little to no benefit to the human population (and possibly an INCREASED risk to humans due to the puppies whose vaccines did not take and are not protected).

If this makes you as angry as it does me, please contact your Assemblyperson and tell them what you think: http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

If you don't live in California, feel free to pick a few idiots and make a few calls:

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Prada,I applaud your efforts and hope you are successful,however a rabies vaccine at 12 weeks has been the law in PA for many years,so trying it in California or elsewhere is no suprize. Good Luck.

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CALIFORNIA AB 272 lowering the age puppies must be vaccinated against rabies to 3 months passed the General Assembly & is in enrollment. The Governor has 12 days to sign this bill into law. Please call Governor Brown's Office TODAY 916-445-2841 (press 1 at prompt, then 6) & ask him to OPPOSE & VETO the bill, and ask all the dog lovers you know to do the same! http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/13-14/bill/asm/ab_0251-0300/ab_272_bil l_20130906_history.html


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I don't like California's vaccination laws.
But, for the record, let us quote the law correctly. (link to the law at the bottom)
It does NOT require puppies to be vaccinated BY 12 weeks.
It does, however, allow Veterinarians to vaccinate as early as 12 weeks.
Each town will issue a license after a puppy gets rabies vaccine. If a town requires license at 3 months, that town would be forcing vaccination by 3 months. Towns require dogs and puppies that have not yet been vaccinated for rabies to be confined to their owners property.

OFF the subject, but an interesting story of stupidity…..
There was a case in Connecticut a few years ago: A Golden Retriever puppy (approx 3 months old) was regularly tied outside to eat and go potty. (It was November and cold so the family couldn't be bothered to feed and walk their new puppy.) The original report was the skunk bit the puppy. The Vet said this was not the case, as no wounds of any kind were on the puppy. Later the family admitted the puppies dish was left out and the family saw a skunk eat out of the dish. (Rabies can be contracted by contact with saliva, brain tissue, and possibly other body parts of a sick or dead animal. Skunks and bats are the most common carriers) The puppy had contact with a total of 28 people, all of whom had to have rabies shots as a precaution.
You can imagine the heat the lazy family took for putting a little puppy out, rather than feeding it inside and walking it on the leash, or at least supervised.
We have bear, dear, bobcat and coyote in CT, even in city areas. Tying a pet out is like staking a goat out to bait Lions…..

Connecticut does not require license until 6 months. Rabies vaccine can be given as early as 12 weeks, but typically closer to 16 weeks.

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