Vomiting all night

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I'm not usually the type to freak out over little things, but I don't know if this is something to worry about in the dog world.

Sam was doing just fine yesterday. Had dinner, about one to two hours later we went out for potty/walk and he did his business and was generally playful. The only thing I noticed he did different was he ate a LOT of weeds/grass from our neighbor's yard... he usually does sniff around and even roll around that area, but yesterday night he was just obsessed with it. I didn't think much of it. I took him in, he went in his crate properly and I treated him for that. We both went to sleep.

Cut to 2am and I hear him throwing up. I turn on a light and see that he vomited mostly whole-looking bits of kibble in the corner of his crate. In my tiredness, I didn't think much of it and just went to sleep. Over the course of the next two hours he threw up at least 5 more times, each vomit pile getting progressively mushier, to the point where he was just throwing up bile. This time I actually woke up, changed all the towels in his crate, and spent some time with him. After some bonding, we both went back to our respective beds, and I heard him throw up more bile about another two times. This morning when I took him out of his crate, he seemed very sluggish, didn't seem excited about getting out. When we were out for potty, he just peed, walked a few steps and just sat there. Took him back in and caught him pooping mid-act; little runny.

What could this be? How worried should I be? Should I not give him any food for today until his system settles? I can't imagine what he could've eaten that caused this... no chew toys have gone missing, we're feeding him the same food now that we were two weeks ago (Innova puppy food, Blue Buffalo treats; same bag on both still). Maybe he ate some of the cat food, but he's eaten cat food before and never thrown up.

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Do you know if your neighbors use any weed killers, fertilizers or insecticides on their lawn?

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When mine start chowing down on weeds/grass, it's because they already have a problem they are trying to fix. The weeds/grass in turn will make them vomit hours later.. But generally the reason they ate it in the first place was because they had already eaten something that made them not well.

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In a two month old puppy you need to react IMMEDIATELY and get to your vet ASAP due to the possibility of your guy having contracted Parvo virus.
Please don't hesitate, this is truly a matter of life or death in a young puppy!!!!