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My pup came out of heat looking a little flabby like usual and I didn't think anything of it. Now it's been a week and her nipples are still hanging low. And when I tried to wipe them off today, she even flinched as if they were sore. She doesn't seem to be gaining weight or anything. She's still eating like normal...The only symptoms are the hanging/tender nipples and she's slightly less energetic than usual.
I am contacting her vet tomorrow, but I was curious to know if anyone here had experience with this sort of thing and if the pregnancy test they do at the vet will come out negative if it's what they call a "false pregnancy"
I feel kinda silly asking, but my entire life on a farm I never saw a dog pregnant or giving birth. It was usually goats, cats, or an egg incubator. lol.

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It should be easy to know if she is pregnant since an intact female in heat should be supervised at all times and confined in a secure location when not supervised.

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Your response was not helpful, but thanks anyways. I'll just take my questions to the vet from now on.

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Piper,Chance just meant that if your dog was near an intact male at the time of her heat, unsupervised and unbarricaded, she has a good chance of being pregnant. How long has it been since your dog's heat? In the first two weeks there aren't many visible signs. Here are some week-by-week signs of canine pregnancy: http://www.ehow.com/about_5333075_signs-pregnancy-dogs.html

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I find Chance's response helpful.

I mean how can you not know if she is pregnant or not is she in contact with intact dogs and if so why wasn't she separated when she was in heat?

Do you plan to spay her?