Small lump in skin oozing blood

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I have a small query re my Balto (rottweiler)...almost 4 weeks ago i noticed a small reddish lump on his shoulder..wasnt oozing blood and surely not connected to any other tissue apart from the skin...I did ask Vet and she gave him an antiflamattory injection and doxicyle antibiotics for 7 days but minimal dose i.e. 250mg (balto is 47Kg)...as from that day still it didn't heel actually grew slightly but stopped there for weeks now and when I press regularly oozing blood..not causing any stress or pain to the dog as if he has nothing also health wise he is still acting normally...I am washing daily with with warm saline water, tea and then apply Fucidin ... at the moment he is taking Leisguard and allupurinal too since he is leishmania positive for the last 2years...so I am avoiding to give him further antibiotics (though I think a course of Cefaral might help) but balto reacts very badly to such medication as he would surely have severe diahrea for weeks frown so I am feeling really cornered and worried frown .. I am suspecting some sort of Hematoma but its just guess work...any idea how to go about it in a natural way if possible...

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Has this been tested for a mast cell tumor?? Sounds like it could be one of those, and if so, immediate removal is imperative.

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Thanks for your reply...as for testing my Vet of is on the line of Hematoma or insect bite and wishes to try with Cefaral antibiotics before to proceed with anything else.. I am just postponing antibiotics as I know that my dog is very sensitive when given medication and also at the moment he is taking some other medication to improve ..

Besides this, dog has no apparent side effects..behaving normally, eating, playing and the small lump does not affect him in anyway, not even itching,only thing when I squeeze slightly little blood comes out from the skin.



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I would suggest you stop squeezing it. silenced That's just my opinion as a people nurse. Unless the vet told you too. If you don't want oral antibiotics I would put some antibiotic ointment on it once a day and leave it alone. hug

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I would recommend that you ask your vet to do a fine-needle aspirate of the lump. It could be a mast cell tumor, the most common skin tumor in dogs, or it could be a melanoma, which is common in dark-skinned dogs. Most skin melanomas are benign, but if malignant they spread quickly. Brody is currently suffering from metastatic melanoma that started in a nail bed, and I've read enough on dog cancer the last 3 months to know that no one can tell if a lump is cancerous just by looking at it. A fine-needle aspirate is a quick, mostly painless, and inexpensive procedure.

I don't mean to scare you, but I would give anything to be able to go back in time and have someone tell me that the problem on Brody's toe could be a tumor in time for it to be removed before it had metastasized to the lymph nodes.