Hurt dog putting on leash, feel terrible!

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 4:03pm PST 
Thank you for the warning, Jewel--I've never left a harness on him for an extended period before, so I never thought about that. I'm definitely going to try the martingale instead.

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 4:22pm PST 
You might try www.dogmalondon.com for martingales. Some times people call them sight hound collars or no slip collars. And lupine makes one as well.

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Barked: Thu Mar 21, '13 7:05pm PST 
You could also look on Etsy or Ebay. I just ordered a collar for Loki from Etsy. I looked everywhere for one but couldn't find one I liked for a boy dog.


Barked: Sat Mar 23, '13 6:00pm PST 
How about training him to sit for you to put on his leash?

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Barked: Sun Mar 24, '13 7:05pm PST 
The leash Max linked is lovely, but for a tieout, you don't want that pretty leash dragging on the ground. I'd get an inch wide Lupine and leave it on him. The clasp doesn't get in the way and the ring is big enough that it's easy to find. Lupine and Premier make nice Martingale collars, but I don't like Martingales for tieouts, only walking. The loop that hangs down could get caught on something outside or on the dog's teeth. Once when I forgot to take it off Lily, she chewed hers so I know her teeth can reach it.

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Barked: Sun Mar 24, '13 8:13pm PST 
Does Lupine make a 1" collar for a small dog?

I wouldn't leave a martingale on a dog loose in the house let alone tied out. Artie has caught his jaw in his martingale a couple times but Max and Sassy never did. Max wears a loose rolled collar with tags all the time that can slip over his head and the martingale for walking. So much easier than clipping or strapping collars for us. He isn't a collar slipper so the loose collar works fine if we need him to go there NOW and lack the brain power to get him there nicely.

Barked: Mon Mar 25, '13 3:55pm PST 
I agree with Isaac, you should train him to calm down and sit when putting on the leash, and exiting the house, heck, he shouldn't even pull on walks!
I know he's a 'little dog' and little dogs seem to get away with murder but when you have a baby in a stroller going one way, and a dog pulling in the other...it can be a bit of a mess! laugh out loud
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