Seizures & Food???

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Hi people, I'm really reaching out for a friend and my own curiosity.
Can a brand or 'blend' of dog food or specific diet actually help with the occasional seizure?
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I've never heard of that before. thinking
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Yes, absolutely!

The more usable nutrition in food, and the easier it is to derive, the more the body has to repair and right itself (or keep going strong, in the case of a healthy animal), and the less work it has to do to get that nutrition. So making sure a diet is of quality ingredients, in a form easily utilizable to a dog is always going to be helpful.

In regard to seizures specifically, the rest gets very specific. You're actually looking less at foods that are specifically good, as foods that are specifically bad. There are some foods that commonly trigger seizures, but ultimately everyone is different. An elimination diet may be in order.

On both counts, creating a homemade diet can be extremely helpful. Failing that, there are diets with very limited ingredients. However, for a commercial dog food to be AAFCO certified as "complete and balanced," it must contain certain supplemented vitamins... In some cases the supplemented vitamins are seizure triggers.

Depending on the reason for seizures, food may be more or less relevant. Having a good vet with real nutritional knowledge (not just a Hill's course) on your side is extremely helpful. Not an easy road to go down, but if you do find there are food triggers, the pay off is huge.


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There is a bunch of information on this page.

If the dog is on the heavy duty meds then a liver friendly diet could be a good idea. Dr. Jean Dodds devised one and Monica Segal balanced it so it can be fed as a complete diet.

Max had occasional seizures as a young adult, maybe 6 in two years so he was never medicated. I kept him away from rosemary and gave him taurine supplements as he appears to be a spaniel mix - this was before it was commonly included in dog kibble as far as I can remember. Some Cocker Spaniels apparently don't synthesize taurine properly and can have seizures as a consequence.

He had seizures because he was extremely anxious. Now he is on prey model raw with very little carbohydrate content he seems less anxious than before but his seizures stopped by age 5 and he only started raw when he was 8 years so that is definitely not good evidence that raw can be good for seizure dogs! Raw is naturally rich in taurine and of course prey model raw hasn't any rosemary either.

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Thank you for the feedback way to go

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I have an Italian greyhound too and they are prone to seizures. You may check the Italian greyhound club of America website for information. Also there is a free forum called www.iggyplanet.com where u can post questions about Italian greyhounds and u can search on that site for old threads about Italian greyhounds with seizures as well. Its really well organized post in the health section of that forum. Joining is free like dogster, but I think its easier to use and u can post pictures and videos.
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after I switched Dylan off pedigee, he hasnt had a seizure
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Charlie has more frequent, and worse seizures when he's on foods that contain chemical preservatives(BHA, BHT, Ethoxyquin), food/chemical dyes, and grains. When he was on Beneful, he was having three seizures a month. On Acana or raw diet, he has MAYBE one every three or four months. He also has a tendency towards being an anxious dog, so being on a daily regimen of Rescue Remedy also helps. He's had approx. twelve seizures over the past three years, a majority of them a few months apart, and he is not medicated for his epilepsy thanks to his diet change.