PLEASE tell me there's other options?!? (Jasper's paralyzed from spinal cord injury)

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Our Aussie was just diagnosed with chronic disc disease, which is different then the acute kind Jasper suffered. She began losing control of her hind left leg, and sometimes can't get up without help. However, she's still able to walk, albeit wobbly, and hold herself up to pee and poop. We took her to Univ. of Fla. for a full neuro work up, and they said surgery is 95% effective in dogs with her level of damage. However, they think the disc problem is spread among several vertebrae and won't know what all they can fix until they open her up. The surgery is $3500, not counting the $1000 we spent for the tests so far. Money isn't the only consideration, but Daisy has severe arthritis in both her hind stifles. We have pain controlled with adequan and acupuncture. She's already had two knee surgeries, and she is 7.
They told us if we opt not to do the surgery, and she worsens and loses deep pain perception, the surgery is only about 40% effective. If the odds were that low, I wouldn't do the surgery. It's very expensive and may not work, where getting Jasper a wheelchair and keeping him pain free could help him live out a happy life.
It is agonizing, and I hope you find the right solution. We are torn about whether to put daisy through a third major surgery and have to confine her to cage rest for 6 weeks, or just keep her pain free and deal with a worsening condition if it happens,
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Wow...there's a lot to consider for Daisy...in some ways, she's only 7...she has these issues going on. You are right that surgery has a high chance of success. I had a herniated disc and it was my right leg that I began losing control of first, but for me it only took a few days before it began affecting the other side too....I couldn't walk. I was also told that if I lost deep pain perception (a good indictation is not being able to wag the tail too), our chances for a successful surgery was lowered signficantly after 48-72 hours.

I wish you the best with Daisy...she sounds lucky to have you hugflowershug
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