Desperately Need Help With Allergies

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Kody & Kacy

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 6:43pm PST 
I've only recently started DMG for Kody in the hopes that it will might lessen the frequency/severity of his seizures; too early to tell yet if this will be the case. While researching the use of DMG for seizures, I saw mentioned time and again about its use for dogs with allergies (among other things). It seems to be one of those "things" that works great for some dogs and not at all for others, and for those it does help, most vets will state there's absolutely no reason for it to work at all! I read many, many reports over many, many weeks ... didn't find a single report of side effects of any kind ... before deciding it "seemed" safe to give it a try. Below are links to just 2 articles that mention DMG use for allergies, if you're at all interested. In any case, I hope you find a solution.

http://totalhealthmagazine.com/features/pet-health/dmg-vitamin-b 15-for-pet-health.html


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Sorry to hear about what you guys are going through.

Have you tried Veterycin? It's a non toxic spray that you can spray on the affected area. It usually goes for around $14-20 dollars at your local pet store or Amazon. I would give it a shot even if its just for temporary relief. It has some very good reviews on Amazon and one of the best things is that it's non toxic. But you might want to invest in a Cone of shame.
Braxton- Flame

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Barked: Thu Mar 7, '13 3:23pm PST 
Terra mentioned coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. These have both worked great for Braxton! We add a little apple cider vinegar to his water and coconut oil to his food. BUT, also, apple cider vinegar bath soaks have been great and coconut oil could go directly on irritated skin to sooth it.


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we are going thru similar problem. My dog is 7yo and has had itching probs since I adopted him at 7months. We did an elimination diet for months but finally my holistic vet said its environmental. Seems to hardly get any during summer months but in fall through spring it starts. Seems worse after rain or snow. He licks his groin alot plus his legs and scratches at his sides. He sometimes has a hive in various places. He recently licked a sore spot on his hind foot. I give him Nettle capsules (opened up on his food) plus Animal Apawthecary Spring Tonic with each meal. He eats a raw diet meat and veggies but when the allergies happen I add some barley flakes soaked overnight as they are supposed to help the skin (so do oats but I understand that barley is more cooling). I try to feed a more cooling diet of white fish (I cook that)duck necks and Vital Essentials beef patties vs chicken/turkey/lamb etc. I also buy canned sardines in water/no salt and add a couple to one meal and add a Carlsons fish oil capsule to the other meal. I wash him with a natural shampoo occasionally and use diluted apple cider vinegar as a final rinse. If he gets a sore spot I use cooked strong green tea. So far have been able to manage with these methods although this week am taking to vet for acupuncture to see if it helps. Am also just starting to use local bee pollen and raw hone to see if that helps. I looked online and saw that here in MD there is a pollen count from fir trees so that could be the problem.britdog walk

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