Urate Crystals.... help needed

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Hi, my dalmation Pongo is 4 and has just been diagnosed with Urate crystals. He became blocked and had to have emergency catheta and meds. The vet has just informed me that he needs Hills or Royal Canin food and will need special meds and regular urine testing to prevent further episodes. Has anyone got any advice on treatment/foods. I love this guy to bits but am concerned about how we'll find the extra money. Help would be greatly appreciated xx
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Sadly, this is an extremely common Dalmation condition. Diet is critically important, especially avoiding beef. I am sure some dal people will probably pop in here with correct information, but I would also suggest you google "urate crystals in dalmations" for helpful information.

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You can do the urine testing yourself routinely, the dog can take the same medication that people do for gout as well as finding a food that is low purine.

This is a concern for all Dal owners so suspect you would find great resources on Dal specific sites.