Post spay redness

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Hi everyone!

I just got my 8 month old puppy spayed 12 days ago. She has been eating fine, doing light exercise and just seems to be her usual self. I am a little worried because the area around her incision appears to be a bit pink, if not almost red. I don't think it is swelling, nor is it pussing or really wet. Here is a link to the picture because I don't know how to upload it on my iPad.. I had her spayed at the SPCA and they didn't find it necessary to give me an e-collar. Im thinking it could be an infection of some sort. Should I be really worried? Or is this just normal post surgery bruising??

http://i164.photobucket.com/albums/u17/bridgetkdavis /7ec7bc27c99c61b851f7116ab8526f9d.jpg

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I would like to tell you that the link to the photo isn't working. Maybe you could add in one that works so we could take a look too. Anyway, as long as the incision still looks nice, healthy, and pink and the discharge, if any, is clear or slightly pink, the healing process is still on-going. If the incision is red, or there is yellow or white discharge, please call a veterinarian.


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The link works, you just have to remove the space Dogster puts in. But here's a rollover to make it easier: Picture

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Looks pretty normal to me.

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Ah, yes. I didn't notice the space dogster inserted. The incision looks normal though. It doesn't seem like you've got anything to worry about.

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Also looks normal to me as well. We saw a lot of bruising after about a week that started red, then turned the normal bruising colors.