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my sweetie
Barked: Sat Jan 26, '13 4:51pm PST 
Elvis is 8 years old and the vet said that maybe I should think about having his teeth cleaned. I was wondering if anyone has had this done at this age and are there any after problems> I was told he would be out for a bit and that alone scares me. Any info would be helpful Thank yousmile

Barked: Sun Jan 27, '13 6:31am PST 
A dental prophylaxis can still be safely done at 8-years-old. smile I've done dentals on large breed dogs as old as 15! Your vet wouldn't recommend it if he thought that your pup wouldn't do well under anesthesia.

Good luck!
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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 5:23am PST 
Has Elvis ever been under anesthesia? Maybe when he was neutered? If so, then that's a good indication of how he would do for a dental cleaning. I look at this this way. If Elvis has quite a bit of plaque and tartar, it's only going to get worse a little each year. By doing it now, when he's 8, it's more safe, age-wise.

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Barked: Mon Jan 28, '13 6:18pm PST 
since elvis hopefully will live a long life - you should make the commitment after the cleaning to start a daily dental hygiene program at home... not only will it save you money in the long run but most importantly it will most likely save elvis's life as dental disease can cause serious health issues other than painful rotting teeth and bad breath. snoopy

Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 7:10am PST 
Your dog should be fine to be put undetermined for that short of time to have the teeth done. But like others have said. You should do something at home to help the teeth. I both brush my digs teeth and give them greenies. The greenies help to loosen the tarter and easier to brush it away

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Barked: Tue Jan 29, '13 7:54pm PST 
i really don't like to always be the heavy - but greenies are really dangerous... please do the research in order to make a safe decision about giving these to your dogs. regular brushing will give the results you are looking for with regards to good doggie dental hygiene... yes it takes a few minutes every night but it is well worth the effort to know that you are doing your dog good and not taking a easy but toxic and potentially harmful way out of daily maintenance.puppy