Physical Therapy and Water Rehab Experiences?

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Does anyone have experience with physical therapy and water therapy? If so, how helpful has it been the to the healing process? Also, any experiences with water physical therapy?

In summary, a while back Toby started yelping at odd moments. We could find a painful area on his body but the yelps continued even when no one was touching him. FInally one morning he started screaming while going to the bathroom. Screamed the whole way up to my apartment. Anyways, he was treated for a pinched spinal nerve. 6 weeks later pain was gone primarily but a limp persisted. We ended up finding the he had broken part of his shoulder bone off. The socket part, while is hard to get to. Turned out that bone wasn't supposed to be there and Toby's body put it their to stabilize the shoulder joint. So he had orthoscopic surgery to remove the bone, and had to have all the ligaments in the joint and outside treated with heat because they were in such bad shape. They were all strung out.

Well, Toby has been in what are called Hobbles for the past 12 weeks. It's like a doggy straight jacket that keeps his shoulder from extending too far (his previous range of motion left the shoulder going to the side far outside the degree of a normal dog). He wears it 24 hours a day.

Well once in a while Toby has over done it and yelped because he climbed a staircase instead of waiting for me to lift him or something else, but today I feel like we took a major step backwards. He has cried out at least a half a dozen times today and is being needy....a huge sign that he isn't comfortable. Toby has a physical therapy and vet check tomorrow but I am fearing that we have gone backwards. He is supposed to get the hobbles off tomorrow, and now I can only wonder if he's redone damage to the joint.

I know healing can take time, but I had hoped for more progress. Anyone ever had the hobbles? Was it successful in the end? Toby pain is just so discouraging right now.
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I haven't heard of it and unfortunately, can't help you with the PT or water rehab experiences. I had back surgery and mom put up baby gates so that I wouldn't attempt to go up or down stairs without her. So that may be something to consider.

I hope you continue to get better. You are a cutie! big grinhugflowers

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I hope your vet check goes OK!

No experience with Hobbles but Chance is a PT graduate (2012).
She’s been swimming at a warm water pool for years but that is for fun and to help keep her hind quarters evenly muscled due her dysplasia. The pool owner is certified in canine aquatic rehabilitation.
I was giving her massages on a daily basis and for the past 3.5 months she’s been getting a professional massage every other week.
She also sees a vet chiropractor as needed.

Chance had a spinal misalignment that was misdiagnosed twice as an aggravation of her hip dysplasia. By the time we could get her in to the extremely busy veterinary rehab center she had a whole list of problems caused by the misalignment. We got lots of take home exercises and stretches we had to do.
As one problem would be corrected, another would crop up or stop being masked so sometimes it seemed like no progress was being made or she was getting worse but it was all a normal and natural part of the healing process. Then one day there were no problems to be found and she graduated.

Part of the rehab process was a diet/supplement/medication review.
Chance gets: glucosamine & chondroitin, MSM, therapeutic doses of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Zeel and Traumeel (as needed.)
She’s also raw fed and gets cartilage and connective tissues from her diet.


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Thanks for the responses. We have baby gates, and they have been up on our main stair case, but our townhouse has multiple levels, which makes things a little trickier. However, I think we will think about buying a few more.

Toby went to the vet tonight and they believe that his neck or back issue is back. It may have been a pinched nerve that has been re aggravated or a disk that is slipping. Sooo, the neurologist of the practice had already gone home, so we will be going back to the vet tomorrow to meet the neurologist. Toby is doped up on pain meds and antiinflammatories right now though, which is making him much more comfortable. The surgeons did take X-rays and thankfully toby hasn't broken off more bone in the shoulder and his ligaments appear to be healing correctly. So yay for that.

I am hoping we will get good news tomorrow and that meds will solve the issue. We really don't need another surgery right now!! I hate to say it but I am starting to believe that I work solely to pay vet bills. Moreover, I swear my dogs tag team! One goes to the vet and then the other feels left out and all of a sudden needs the vet as well! In the passed six months Kodie went into surgery to remove a little tumor on his butt, then Toby needed shoulder surgery and pinched nerve treatment, Kodie (who has another thread on the health board) bloated last week, and now Toby is back having issues. I am so sick of vet offices and vet bills!!!

Okay vent over. Sorry, I needed a pity party. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow though
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PT and water rehab are wonderful! I used to live local to Wizard of Paws, and I knew a ton of clients. Many had been in PT to recover from specific trauma, but many others were just staying in shape, getting exercise, building stamina for sports or trying to keep muscle on aging dogs. No matter the case, there were results!

I hope it works out for you and you're on the mend soon hug
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The approach is worth every cnt if you get a good therapist and facility. Variability is enormous from state to state and therapist to therapist. Depending on the state, different requirements apply.

Check out the IAAMB (international association of animal massage & bodywork) website for professional wam water swim therapists, massage therapists, etc. They cover the association of canine water therapy, which is key for your needs. You can find the most appropriate therapist for your needs.