Potential IMHA diagnosis

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Barked: Tue Jan 15, '13 2:48pm PST 
Does anyone have any experience? Someone is asking on the "Get Well Soon" forum and I fear that less popular forum is going unnoticed in this instance?
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Barked: Tue Jan 22, '13 8:48am PST 
Hi, I belong to the IMHA forum. My Boxer was just diagnosed with IMHA NOV 2012 and has been fighting / struggling with it ever since. If you have any questions, send me a message. It's a terrible diagnosis.
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Sorry.. Mom has been ill, then having all kinds of technical problems on Dogster.. Please come visit Mica's page, and ecollage.org
Hoping this isn't the case, and sorry to. Learn the news on both fronts..
What areas do you live in, and would you please pmail us the circumstances that you know or believe led to it. It will help with the data we keep, for the research we fund and if we can be of any help. Treatment and ongoing care, meds etc..
Its all confidential.. We'd appreciate if you would consider joining Mica's Team too.. Thanks and wishing you both the best, Mel, the mom, Mirra, Angel Mica & the Purple Girls of Oregon