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I wasn't sure where to post this but since it'll ensure health, I guess this is the spot?

We like to go on night walks. Aside from having reflective harnesses, I use lights on their collars and harnesses. But the brightest lights I've found (they look like night fishing lights) unscrew while they're being worn so I can't leave them on their harnesses and collars which sucks because we can get caught places after dark and they're at home in the draw.

Then they have these heart shaped lights but they're not that bright and one side doesn't have much light as all and as it shifts while they're wearing them, it seems to often end up on the darker side.

I know there are glow in the dark collars and stuff but I don't know how bright they'd be.

I want two points of bright light for safety. Can anyone recommend products that they know and use that work well?
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Have you considered a light up leash and collar? Walmart sells them both and they are pretty cheep. They have a battery pack and a strand of lights in them. They come in red,blue,green,yellow and pink. I bought two leads one for Tank and one for one of the other dogs.