Birdie's Dental Dilemma

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '13 6:51pm PST 
Recently Birdie, soon to be 12 years-old went to the vet for what we were pretty sure was an abscessed tooth. When she left later in the day she was 9 teeth lighter. Birdie was the victim of owners who let her down and didn't spend as much time as we should have with in-home brushing and enough cleanings. I am ashamed to have to admit this, but I hope anyone reading this who hasn't given the attention to their pet's teeth needed will think again. We love Birdie very much and it was tough to hear what was going to need to be done, but not nearly as devastated as she must have been for several months. A few weeks ago we noticed swelling under her eye and figured the tooth we were told in the summer didn't look too good was flaring up. After all that was pulled/cut out on Wednesday, she is already more vibrant than she has been in some time - she doesn't stink anymore (what we thought was a smelly coat due to an aging dog was actually rotting teeth). For at least a month or so (probably the rest of her life) she will be relegated to a soft food diet.

I am sure if I don't get some nasty follow-up comments, my ears will be burning. My wife and I made a poor series of decisions over the years and unfortunately our beloved pet has paid the price (and so has our bank account to the tune of $965), but if one pet owner reading this saves their friend from months of agonizing pain, any criticism we receive will be worth it.

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Barked: Sat Jan 12, '13 8:00pm PST 
hug All you can do is your best and learn from your mistakes. You got her the help she needed, and paid for her dental work. You are not a bad owner, she is a lucky dog.
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It's okay....I'm sorry Birdie went through all that. As pet owners, we don't always know things, and Fritz is right...we learn from our mistakes. It takes a lot to come here and tell folks about it. I hope no one judges you for that. No one should. Hopefully it helps someone way to go