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I'mnew here. I have a year old JRT X Yorkie bitch.

For the past couple of weeks she has beenvomiting on and off. At first i thought she was just eating to fast as she would throw it up whole after eating.

This past week she woke in the night and threw up as well as in the evening and once whilst i was at work.

I went to the vet Wednesday and they gave her an antibiotic shot, anti vomit shot and a course of worming, antibiotics and anti acids. They asked me to give her rice and chicken twice per day.

At first this was fine. Last night she threw up in the night, it was rice but very yellow (bile?).

Today when i came home there was the same. She is drinking and keen to eat still and very playful! If anything, she seems hungry! I have only been giving her very little.

She is still pooping, though its a little on the soft side.

I'm not sure what to do. She seems so hungry all the time so im wondering if that is the problem? She is drinking plenty of water and her nose is normal. Her tummy isnt swollen or painful to touch.

Please can i have some advice?
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Because of the duration of these vomiting episodes I would return to the vet and ask them for a barium xray series. It sounds to me like your dog might have a partial obstruction, either in the stomach where it occasionally blocks the spincter leading to the intestines or actually within the intestines. Barium xrays would show this obstruction if one were present.
I had a lab who had the same issue for several months. FINALLY, when I insisted on the barium xrays (we HAD done xrays with no contrast medium which showed nothing!), there was something showing in her intestines. Surgery found a large piece of a rubber toy that was slowly moving down her intestines. I had moved ONE YEAR earlier and she had not had this toy since the move so it had been in there for that long!!!

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My Missy had similar vomiting episodes for over a year where she would bring up bile about three/four times a week, sometimes more. We were back and forwards at the vet all the time getting anti sickness meds, having fecals taken ( because she had very loose stools at times too ), full blood work and eventually an ultrasound too! Nothing really seemed to help and the blood work and ultrasound came back looking normal. During this period we was also advised to change her diet and we did on a number of occasions, but the diets always contained rice. During one change i swapped her to a grain free diet as i had read that grains can result in intolerances and allergies, and low and behold it worked! After months of trying pretty much everything the vets could offer us, i had found the answer! She has a grain intolerance. So it might be worth looking at your dogs diet and paying that some consideration, but it's really best to get the advice of your vet first. Has she had full blood work taken?