Getting Spayed, Need Some Advise

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Crazy Ball'O Fur
Barked: Mon Jan 7, '13 1:03am PST 
Hello again,

So I'm going in today to have Bella spayed. This is my first time going through a spay with one of my own pets, and I'm extremely nerves. Especially since she's four, and she is my ESA so she's very important to me and loved dearly. I don't want anything to go wrong. I've never been apart from her for very long, and since she'll be going through surgery and I'll be in public, one of the the people who works at the vets office will be bringing in their Therapy Dog to help keep me calm.

Anyway, first what I'm wondering, is what should I do in terms of after care? Things to be careful of, ect. Also some encouragement would be nice, as this is extremely scary for me (Even though it's not high risk, it's still risk)
Cocoa Loco

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hug I was as good as new in a couple of days. I wanted to be spoiled, held, hand fed when I got home. I was a little sick to my tummy for about a half day. After a couple of days, the only problem was to keep me calm. I wanted to run and play instead of taking it easy.

hug It is scary, but it will be okay. hug
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Everyone kind of reacts differently. I came out of it a little tired, but raring to go and eating with no problem. My sister Trudy was still groggy for the evening and whining a bit. she only ate part of her dinner. Some won't eat much. The first evening, first 24 hours are where you may see effects from the anesthesia. Also, keep an eye that she doesn't lick her stitches. They may have her go home with a cone to keep her from licking. Good luck! way to gohug

She will be okay and they do recover fairly quickly. She'll be glad to have you when she comes home. You will notice her feeling much better by tomorrow too way to go

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My mom was really worried when Paris went in to get spayed, but post-op wasn't as bad as we expected it to be. She was pretty groggy the first few days, but she still ate. She only got a little bit of food at first just to see if she could keep it down. Make sure to limit movement. Paris was crated except to go out to potty on a leash. We also requested pain meds (some places don't just give them out, you have to request them), and a cone so she wouldn't bother the surgical site. She got pain meds the first 2 days, and after that we just watched to see if she was in pain. Other than that, they said it doesn't need anything special done to it, just keep an eye on it and make sure it's healing and not oozing or anything. They gave us a sheet with all the instructions.

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I was also very nervous about my dog getting spayed. I couldn't even bring her... I knew I would be too nervous.
Things we did:
Played, played, played in the days leading up to the spay. She went in tired and that was good.
Brought a bed wrapped in a trash bag, covered in a blanket for the car ride home.
She was throwing up once that evening and wimpering a bit, but we managed to keep her calm and on the pain meds.
The next day, she slept all day (think 20 hours, only up to go to the bathroom).
By day 3, she was back to her normal self and we spent the next two weeks trying to keep her calm.
We took pictures of her incision every day with our digital camera. It helped us decide if it was healing, bruising, etc.
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Kashmir was 3 when she was spayed (or it may have been 2 1/2). She was very sore for a couple of days then was just fine. Hoping all goes well for her surgery! hug

Crazy Ball'O Fur
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Bella's surgery went fine! dancinghailcheersnoopyhappy dancepartyparty

I didn't know they now used glue instead of stitches. shrug We got three days worth of pain meds and will be going back in ten days for a recheck to make sure everything looks good. They let me go back to see her when she had just woken up, but it was scary seeing her so out of it, and shaking so horridly. Even though she had just woken up and couldn't even hold her tongue in her mouth, she still attempted to get up when she saw me at the cage. cry But she's back at home now and doing well. They gave her a HUGE cone about ten times too big for her. She keeps trying to come up to me but just keeps running into me with the cone. big laugh She's extremely tired as expected, but I can tell she's fine because every time I talk to her she wags her tail like crazy.

When she got home she was shaking like crazy so I bundled her up with a heating pad and blanket. She started breathing oddly and I freaked out thinking something was horribly wrong. Took me a while to figure out she was panting because she was getting to warm. big laugh

Question: Can I just let her out in the yard as normal? As long as I don't allow her to walk up the steps? I might have to end up just walking her in the yard on a leash because the cone is too large for her to walk in, so I'll have to take it off to let her outside.

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I would keep her on a leash with the cone. Think about getting an inflatable cone, Petsmart has them, it will be a lot more comfortable. That is what I am wearing and Pip used one after is knee surgeries.

I am really glad you are doing okay and I hope you feel better soon. hug

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Yeah I'm with fritz...we got a inflatible cone....it makes it soooo much easier to get around. You can let her out, but she shouldn't be running.

And glue? Woooweeeee times are a changing big laugh

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How long till she is healed well enough to rough house and be able to go outside off leash and how long will she need to wear a cone?