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How Cold is Too Cold to Walk?

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Awesome Dog
Barked: Tue Jan 1, '13 6:11am PST 
It depends on the dog. Risa is very lean and has little coat so she usually wears a jacket in the winter. This year, I even got her pajamas to cover her thighs and knees to keep her joints warm. If I bundle her up, she can go out and enjoy some pretty cold temperatures. My biggest gauge with her is her feet. If her feet are cold, she will not walk. Through experience, I've learned if it's below 20 degrees and there is snow out, I am going to have to watch her feet. If she starts pulling them up a lot, we go back inside.

I also tend not to walk on days where the windchill is really low. Partially for myself as dogs aren't affected by windchill. But it is also usually just a miserable day when it's THAT cold that neither one of us enjoys being out there!
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