Puppy Born with her eyes open ...

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and that seems to be the least of her problems! So here's the back story:
A week ago (early early Tuesday morning 11/27) our yellow lab whelped 9 pups. One little girl was born with her eyes open. Nothing else seemed to be the matter so I didn't worry too much & figured I'd talk to the vet about it when the clinic opened. A few hours later I went in to check on mama & pups and I couldn't see that one. I rolled mama over and there she lay- looking quite dead. I picked her up and examined carefully to determine if there was any way I could save her. She wasn't breathing, I could feel no heartbeat & she was completely limp. I had something else I had to tend to right at that moment so I laid her down at the edge of the box and left the room. When I returned about 20 minutes later she was squirming around and whining! I immediately called my vet and went over everything with her. She said to put pup back in with mama and let nature run it's course. Perhaps mama knew that something was wrong with that pup and she laid on her on purpose? I put her back in and all seemed to be ok. 24 hours later though it became apparent that this little puppy was struggling to get any nourishment from mama. I watched her carefully, even trying to help her get latched on but to no avail. At one point her whole body went completely stiff and she stopped breathing. I took her right away to the vet. We decided that she was probably hypoglycemic and tube fed her. The vet stitched those eyes shut and then kept her for 24 hours to tube feed her. The next day I brought her home and began full orphan care. When I tried putting her back in the box with the others mama growled and bit her. So I became the mama then. The weekend was a bit of a roller coaster- we seemed to make good progress but then also have a few set backs. Lots of trouble getting a nipple just right! confused We hadn't seen any more seizures so we were assuming that first one I saw was due to her not having nursed well that first 24-36 hours. I should also mention that we have her on an antibiotic b/c she developed a bit of a skin infection right at the get go. So the last 48 hours or so have been a bit frustrating and discouraging. She seemed to be doing really really well except with our nipple trouble she had aspirated a couple of times. Sunday night I decided to try a new nipple and she aspirated pretty bad with that one. Right after the feeding she had a seizure. Monday morning I took her back in to the vet and asked that they keep her for another 24 hours to monitor. I found out that my vet was thrown off a horse and ruptured her spleen and was in the ICU. There is only one vet tech and the receptionist. They were willing to keep her during business hours but then I had to bring her home this afternoon. They reported that she had done really well throughout the day, eating well, pottying well & no seizures. They sent home a new nipple that they had prepared and said it was just right. So the first feeding she gets right to it and seems to be doing great! She was just sucking away so I didn't want to pull it out and disturb her. After 15 minutes or so I looked and the level hadn't gone down at all! I worked the nipple over and tried to give it back to her and she didn't want it. Then she had a seizure. And blood started bubbling out of her nose!! It was AWFUL to watch this! My vet is in the hospital and there is no other "emergency" contact for me in this situation. I did my best to keep her comfortable and then returned her to the heating pad so I could take care of my children at bedtime. I honestly thought the next time I looked in her little basket she'd have passed. So about an hour later I peek in and she's squirming around in there! I picked her up to see if she'd have any interest in the bottle again. She didn't. She is weak. Her breathing is labored. I have come to the conclusion that euthanasia is probably the kindest thing to do for her at this point. I wish I knew what was wrong with her little body. I am heart broken! It's been a long week and I just wanted to get this all off my chest somewhere with other dog lovers. Maybe there's someone out there who reads this and knows what I'm dealing with? I've talked to vets and breeders all over the country and so far no one really has a clue. Say a little prayer for me and this baby tonight- I want her suffering to end, but I do not want to say goodbye. cry
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I'm so sorry you and your little friend are going through this. Do you think the mother gave her internal injuries from rolling on her? As for the sucking on the bottle, has anyone checked to see if she has a cleft-palet? They physically can't suck, and that may explain the aspirating? They also become very exhausted from trying to eat. It's much more work for them than a normal puppy. Please keep us posted. hughug

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You need to get mother and puppies to the vet for a checkup within 12 hours of birth. Make an appointment today! Sometimes a puppy is born with it's eyes open and the eyes will close again. All puppies are born blind. The vet will let you know what is going on. Good luck! Unfortunately, the puppy will probably end up with eye problems. They eyes may need to be removed totally. I really hope all turns out to be okay. The poor puppy will probably be blind. I'm sure he is the runt, too. He will need extra feedings. His eyes may not even fully be developed. Sounds like a runt. Jocelyn was the runt of her litter. You really need to see a vet. Good luck! You can check him for blindness at 2 weeks by waving your hand in front of his face. If he follows your hand, he can see. If he looks confused, he is probably blind.


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I am sure this has been very hard . I wish the best for the puppy, and hope for some kind of turn around for them. You really did everything you could Please keep me posted.