Does anyone know what this condition affecting my dog's back legs is called?

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"I hope you’re not giving Carter annual vaccines!"

Why do you feel that is your business? OP wasn't asking anything about that topic shrug

OP- all you have to do is call up your vets office and ask. As someone else mentioned HD can be quite common in Shih-tzus. LP's can be common in many many breeds and usually don't need surgery unless they are really really bad. Regardless of which it is, if you got Carter from a breeder it's VERY important you notify them of such a diagnosis.

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This sounds like patella luxation. You need to get Carter into the vet and have his knees properly evaluated. They can also give you some medication. It would also be a good idea to invest in an orthopedic bed so he has a nice place to rest that isn't hard on his knees. Patella luxation can be treated surgically.

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I agree, this sounds like luxating patellas and only a veterinarian can tell you how severe it is. You will need to keep an eye on your dog. It's best to cut back on exercise, as too much movement will cause pain. However, luxating patellas can be cured through surgery.


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You will need to limit Carter's activity. Does he skip when he walks? If he is overweight, you need to get the extra weight off of him. Have you ever noticed any lameness? What position are his legs in when he stands?

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You need to have the vet evaluate your dog's knees. While you are there, ask about glucosamine supplementation. This should be given daily. You should also inquire about Adequan injections.
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Bianca and others... PLEASE re-read the original post. Carter has NO symptoms, this was discovered on a routine physical exam. It is most likely LP, and this is DEFINITELY NOT a veterinary emergency. The OP DID visit their vet, the vet is the one who discovered the LP, so if anything further was necessary I'm sure they would have taken care of it.
MILLIONS of small dogs have LP and live normal, happy, healthy LONG lives. Beanie has LP, discovered FOUR years ago during a routine exam, just as Carters was and Beanie has never limped a day in his life and probably won't.
There is no purpose served here by scaring poor Carter's owner to death... seems there are a whole new bunch of trolls trying to stir up trouble in Dogster land. Some people need a life!!!

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Toto-applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause Thank-you. I mentioned in my earlier post that when I was growing up we had a poodle mix that did eventually need surgery for LP and an Am. Cocker who lived a long healthy happy life never needing it with only an occasional slip that simply needed meds and rest,we did not treat her for anything when she had no issues with it and surgery was never necessary.
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