is cooked ground beef okay for dogs?

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I was was wondering if cooked ground beef was okay for dogs to eat as part of their meals for the day. I usually stick to dog food but I was wondering if switching over was okay? Much appreciated thanks! smile
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You can add it if you like. It won't hurt if you want to make the food more tasty. Just know that it's very high in fat and you might want to limit how much you give.

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We give it to our pups but drain it first using paper towels and a collander to get rid of as much of the fat as possible. We also use lean ground beef to begin with and only give small ammounts at a time but have never had a problem.


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Fat is good for dogs! Some dogs have sick pancreases and need to severely limit it but the usual kibble diet is far too low in fat for good skin health. It usually has about the same fat level as what is suggested for a human lower fat diet,a 15% fat kibble would be about 30% by calories.

So feed the cooked ground beef but only add a very small amount for the first few days and increase in small amounts to be certain your dog can handle more fat. Sassy showed fat intolerance by producing softer, mucousy stools. Some dogs will be gassy and I am sure there are other signs that too much fat has been fed.

Check how many calories per measure of your particular ground beef and be sure to substitute meat calorie for kibble calorie. That will help avoid upsets as well. You can substitute about 25% of the fresh food calories for the kibble calories without worrying about unbalancing the diet. Since fat is higher in calories the amount of mixed food will be less than just a kibble diet but far tastier!