Fatal pregnancy? Need advice!

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I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Fri Nov 9, '12 11:14am PST 
Good for you. You protected the female Lola and helped a roommate reach the decision to do the right thing by her. Thanks for helping to look out for these dogs. big grin

Barked: Fri Nov 9, '12 11:30am PST 
I just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for caring about those dogs even if they technically aren't yours, so kutis to you for doing the responsible thing and influencing your roommates. smile

OT, but do you yourself have a dog?

But I did it for- the family!!!
Barked: Fri Nov 9, '12 11:35am PST 
I wish I had a dog! Right now I can't really afford one, plus there are already two in the house and I don't think a third one would be a good choice lol.

But I am making plans for moving up the corporate ladder and making more money, and with mo money comes mo puppies! Lol ok maybe just one pup, but not until I have moved out from my current house.

Kali earned- her wings- 10/21/14

She's game for- anything that's- fun.
Barked: Fri Nov 9, '12 3:51pm PST 
Thank you for caring about your room mates' dogs. They are lucky you live there. applause

Tuff Enuff!
Barked: Sat Nov 10, '12 3:34am PST 
That is great that you were able to step in and possibly save the female dog's life. Thank you for being the voice for those dogs!

Akita Pals- Always.
Barked: Sat Nov 10, '12 9:36am PST 
way to go Thank-you for helping your room mates see the light and do what is best for their dogs in the current situation.hugwishes
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Sat Nov 10, '12 10:22am PST 
my mother took a rescue doxie. they told her she was spayed, and she did have a scar. well months later she was acting very distressed. a trip to the vet resulted in a c-section. 1 puppy. from the beagle/cocker mix my mother also had. this time she really did get spayed. so even closer in size dogs can have life threatening pregnatcies
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